Flash Friday – MATURE – Teapots and Disco Balls

This is a fun little piece written as the result of a panel at Contraflow 2015 held in New Orleans. It was a late night panel and I do not recall the exact title of the panel it was about writing sex scenes in romances.

There was discussion regarding some of the “rules”. Move it or lose it, Is it really needed, stay within the characterization, let the reader fill in the blanks and quit while you are ahead. We were then given two writing prompts to include in a piece of flash written during the panel and then shared.  So, without further ado:


“The walk to Grandmothers is always pleasant on these brisk fall mornings”, Red thought; as she pulled her cloak a little closer around her. Pausing at a favorite clearing, Red sniffed the basket of warm pastries and meat pies she was taking to her Grandmother. Smiling fondly she thought back over all the times she has made this trip. There was a certain previous visit which had almost ended in a disaster for both Red and her Granny.

Except fond reminiscence were not going to get these goodies to Granny. Still feeling nostalgic, Red gave a little skip as she left the clearing.

Lost in her remembrance, Red almost missed The Wolf stepping out from behind a tree. “Hello beautiful”, The Wolf growled, eyeing Red appraisingly.

“It’s been a long time since your type cruised around her”, replied Red. “Last one did not fare too well.” running her hand along the edge of her cloak.

“The scent of my cousin is strong on you; he always did try to bite off more than he could chew. Me on the other hand, like take it slow and easy. I don’t have to tell you, you’re beautiful. I suggest you don’t trip and fall in these woods. ”

“Understand, Wolfie, it’s like this, when your cousin tried to visit, Granny and I skinned him. When I saw his wet, red flesh it really did something for me. I enjoyed licking the blood from my fingers and off of the skinning knife, my nethers went all aquiver. Want to guess the best part? After the skin is stretched, with a little care, it begins to feel like silk. So smooth and satiny, feels wonderful!” as Red caressed the cloak with both hands. “I know why you are here, you are hungry. Now, I want to make you a deal.”

“Hmm,” growled The Wolf slinking near, “what kind of offer?”

“Good Wolfie”, Red cooed softly, “You send shivers up my spine when you are near, so much I can barely sit still when you are near. Now, I know you are hungry. I can give you a snack. But Granny would make a main course. See I am rather lean, probably tough and stringy, but Granny, she is a plump like a disco ball, nobody else would probably even miss her. But I get her inheritance. You get fed; I get set for life. Help me out and I’ll keep you in T-bones.”

“Are you playing a game with me little girl? You would give the old lady up like that? My line is smooth; I can have all the babes in town following me just to hold my paw. Always a party when The Wolf is around. Up until I get to ask if they will offer their throats to the wolf with the red, red roses? Always surprising how easy the necks get bared, but always so pleasant to feel the blood run down my jaws.”

Withdrawing a pastry from her basket Red asked sweetly, “Those steaks will be thick and bloody too Wolfie dear. Now, why don’t you show me how you can work that tongue sweetie? Now, show Red how you lick out her creampie.”

As The Wolf began to roll his tongue in and around Reds pastry, she moaned a little. “Ooh Wolfie, I love the way you are licking that, here let me sweeten it for you from my little honey pot.” pulling the dipper from her basket of goodies. Now it was The Wolf’s turn to moan.

Afterward, as the Wolf lay content at Reds feet, she scratched his ears. The Wolf growled, “That was the best creampie I ever licked, right tasty Red. Yeah, you have a deal. Just make sure those steaks are rare and bloody.”

She watched him lope off in the direction of Granny’s house and Red smiled pulling out her cell phone.

“Hello Granny…”



When The Wolf reached Granny’s he burst through the door. Red’s Granny was a plump, cookie-baking, matronly type. Thanks to modern technology Granny was prepared after Red’s call. Imagine The Wolf’s surprise, finding the plump old woman not in the smock he expected, but in a red leather corset with fish-net stockings, garters, spiked red leather boots and slapping a crop against her thigh.

Stunned, The Wolf thought he must have the wrong house until the tea kettle began to whistle, shaking him from his reverie. Trying to figure out how this happened he could not believe his ears when Granny spoke.

“Wolfie, I sent Red on her way. I’m your little tea pot, short and stout,” with a wiggle of her hips making her cellulite jiggle,’ and I hear you like to party. Tonight, I am going to ride your disco stick all night till your lights go out. Now, eat me mutha fucka!”


Thank you for reading,




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