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Every field of work, every career, every fandom, every anything that catches peoples’ interest and involves creative types producing works comes with its own mysteries. Obscure players and disregarded pieces that get lost to history and end up nearly completely forgotten, except for whispers of ‘Do You remember…?’ and tales of ‘Someone told me about…’

Such are the rumors of Vincent St. Germain and his nearly literal flash in the pan self-named pulp publishing company-St. Germain Publishing. Pro Se Productions announces that after exploring the nearly unknown stories and whispers about this extremely short lived publishing outfit, it has licensed from the owner and potential creator’s estate all characters featured in five apparently and two unpublished magazines.

“As little is known about the man St. Germain as is about his alleged almost momentarily St. Louis, Missouri based magazine publishing concern,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions. “I have uncovered no written records confirming his existence, except potentially a few pieces of paper held dearly by reclusive collectors of such ephemera. No copies of signatures, of his own handwriting, not even of checks issued by his company. This last matter has led to speculation among the few who still discuss St. Germain that he may not have had many employees beyond what it took to physically publish magazines. In other words, there is a belief that Vincent St. Germain, ‘Vinny’ to a very few apparently, may himself have written every story that his company published, all of them under a variety of pen names. This is further potentially supported, based on lists of the works he published, each story by an author that had not published before or since St. Germain Publishing’s one month rise and fall. It is curious, though, that a Vincent St. Germain died in New Orleans, Louisiana in late 1938. Also, other than supposedly eyewitness encounters with the man, the only possible proof that he ever lived are two images, taken a few years apart apparently, that, based on my own personal deductions, are likely Vincent St. Germain.”

“There is even less available evidence of the five single issues, each one the first of a hopeful magazine within the St. Germain line, that the company allegedly released on the same day in the first week of April 1938. I have been allowed access to information and such surrounding the characters and contents of each magazine, six stories in each issue, all intended to be the first in series within each title. If the magazines ever existed, actual issues are either in the hands of the very protective collectors I mentioned earlier or hiding possibly in someone’s basement in a box thrown in the corner. Fortunately, the creator, if St. Germain, or creators, if multiple writers, made detailed notes and character descriptions and synopses, all supposedly at the direction of St. Germain, another way that he stood out from other Pulp publishers of the era.”

Also, there were allegedly two magazines prepared to debut the month after the first five. Though they were reportedly never published, Pro Se does have access to purported notes and details of these two books, and they will also be a part of this project, meaning that there will be seven anthologies featuring new stories starring these characters alleged to have appeared in St. Germain’s works.

The magazines that were supposedly published included ENDLESS MYSTERY, EVERLASTING TERROR, IMMORTAL ACTION, FOREVER WESTERN, and TIMELESS TALES. UNDYING LOVE and ETERNAL FANTASY were the two unpublished magazines. All these titles indicate that Vincent St. Germain was aware of the folklore associated with his surname and the infamous Comte de St. Germain, possibly a relative.

Based on a few notes left by St. Germain, it was intended that every story in each magazine would continue as a series. This did not occur, however, because there was no second issue of any of the five periodicals, or anything else ever published by St. Germain Publishing. The characters in St. Germain’s magazines at least on the surface resembled types made popular in other Pulp magazines. But, upon closer review, it turns out that Vincent was not only revolutionary in how he chose to do business, but he attempted to be tremendously forward thinking in both style of storytelling and crossing certain boundaries.

This has been,” Hancock states, “more than just a research project for a curious publisher, though. In the weeks I’ve invested in putting together the scarce remains of St. Germain Publishing, I have made progress that I did not expect. Pro Se Productions has licensed the characters believed to be included in St. Germain’s seven magazines from the person who currently owns them. To this end, Pro Se intends to bring all seven magazine titles back initially, each one as a book, an anthology. Each will feature a story for all the characters that reportedly debuted or would have debuted in the original pulps in the order in which they first appeared. The intent is to publish these seven new collections over the next twelve to eighteen months, twelve being the target. Following this ‘re debut’, we would then most definitely do novels, anthologies, digest novels, and even standalone digital short stories of the characters and expand them in their own series, hopefully as St. Germain might have intended.”

Pro Se Productions proudly announces that artist Kristopher Michael Mosby has agreed to provide a cover fore each anthology, each one bearing the title of a St. Germain magazine. Also, 42 writers have signed on to be a part of this project. The writers involved are-

Ron Fortier, Melinda Lafevers, E. W. Farnsworth, Adrian Delgado, Ariel Teague, Joshua Pantalleresco, Troy Osgood, Atom Mudman Bezecny, Andrew Butters, Rich Steeves, Raymond Embrack, HC Playa, Davide Mana, Quenntis Ashby, Paul Brian McCoy, Richard B. Wood, Colin Joss, Mark Bousquet, Derrick Ferguson, Sean Taylor, Neal Litherland, Susan Burdorf, Gary Phillips, Barry Reese, Frank Schildiner, Rob Howell, Gordon Dymowski, Richard C. White, Ernest Russell, Thomas Fortenberry, David Farris, Barbara Doran, Aaron Bittner, David White, Erik Franklin, Mike Hintze, Guy Worthey, Emily Jahnke, Mandi M. Lynch, Derek M. Koch, Aubrey Stephens, and Dewayne Dowers.

Please follow Pro Se’s Facebook page for regular updates on this project as well as Pro Se news. Contact Tommy Hancock at for interviews or further information.

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My March- so far


March has been a rollercoaster.

Last we met, I was going to a guest, vendor, and Emcee for Opening Ceremonies at CoastCon 43.

A little bit about CoastCon, I really enjoyed it and if you can make it next year I recommend it. Organizers of the convention asked me last minute to step into the role of Emcee. As Murphy would have it, came down with a severe sinus infection the week before the convention. On the verge of losing my voice, I began antibiotics, regaining my voice just in time for the convention.

When I have done public speaking previously, there has been a lot of research because I really wasn’t able to do the research and learn it well enough not to need may notes. I felt unprepared all the way through the presentation. Yet, there were many positive comments and kudos given, both by attendees and organizers, so in all, it went pretty well. Panels were sparsely attended though they were all attended. The Pro Se table made enough to cover costs and get me gas money for the trip home. Always a good thing in my book.

All seemed to be going pretty well. Continued to work on an editing project, waiting for an anthology call to open when received the news, a friend committed suicide on the 17th. Always presenting a glossy image, many were not aware of the darkness and issues he faced. A friend, chosen family, and brother in arms left us and traveled on to the beyond.

Most of the last week has been spent, along with others, supporting each other in our grief, sharing memories of his life. At the same time, we learn to accept our new reality without him. To complicate matters, our home state, as many others have, is under lockdown with gathering limited. There is a good chance we will not be able to gather for months after his interment.

As life has gone on, my day gig shut down on the 19th. So this is my first week home. My partner and I are both working from home. Her as part of the ministry team at her church, and I on editing and writing.

Over the weekend, multiple anthology calls opened, including the one I mentioned earlier. I missed out on my first choice, which was a weird western tale but sold my second choice, an action/adventure short story. The weird western was accepted if a second anthology is done. A horror piece I submitted for a third was accepted, contingent on a second volume. Overall, I am happy.  If these anthologies do not get to a second volume, then it may be possible to rework the two stories enough to resell them.  Perhaps even self publish them in my own collection.

Kathy and I are settling into a routine working in the same space, our apartment is rather small, balancing that with personal time. We enjoy board games together, have started playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite together, and I decided to brush up on my Spanish.

And now, one friend has been confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19 virus. Another, a nurse, has been sent home for possible infection. Contact has been vital to them as it has with others.

Today, during one of her Zoom calls, I burst out laughing. The minister she was speaking to is home with small children. Very calm with the two-year-old interrupting every few minutes. He excused himself to get the boy a drink, when he returned, all I heard, in a very calm voice.

“No, you can’t draw on Daddy’s computer, only on your paper.”

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It’s a wrap! CoastCon 43


Leaving a convention is often difficult, and CoastCon 43 this past weekend was no exception. As a presenter, a responsive audience is what makes it fun. When you can share your passions with a room full of people, and they respond in kind is quite a rush. Fans are the soul of a convention, and the CoastCon members were great this weekend.
Not sure if I could list or tag everyone, just know, getting to spend time with people I rarely see is always enjoyed. You are a part of my extended family. I want to leave you all with just one concept from the debate among a panel of friends – Chipmunk Dragons.
A convention is a great deal of work and can eat up a lot of your life. The team running CoastCon is always professional. Thank you, Unity and Paula, for the honor of being asked to step in to host the opening ceremonies. Being at CoastCon, much less being a guest is always a highlight of my year. You ran a fun convention. Working with everyone associated with this convention is always an enjoyable experience.
A special note of thanks to Gabby. Both for her work in the Dealers Room and for being there with me as we worked our way through the opening ceremonies together. Your help and support were deeply appreciated.
Every convention I try to learn something new, a technique, a way to make being a vendor a little easier, many are the lessons I have learned. This year’s lesson? I can indeed do almost anything I could in my 20’s, but it takes a lot longer to recover. Take the Monday after a convention off from work.

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CoastCon 43 is this WEEKEND!!!!

Other than getting over a severe sinus infection, my week has been spent researching and preparing to host the opening ceremonies this Friday night at CoastCon 43.

red carpet

Great Googley-Moogley! The Guests of Honor this year are a truly talented group of people. The array of guests overflows in quality, authors, artists, special effects, and sports. It’ll take all weekend just to see them all! Here is a way to help you schedule your time effectively so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Someone just asked, “Ernest, where can I find this bevy of talent?”

Why right here –

CoastCon 43’s Venue — Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center
The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention center will be home to CoastCon 42. The Coliseum is located at 2350 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531 and within walking distance to our host hotel. For more information on the Coliseum check out their website at

Yes, it’s this weekend! March 6 – 8 2020


Friday – Noon to 1 AM

Saturday – 10 AM to 1 AM

Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM


Hope to see you there! Tell’em Ernest sent you!

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Available in Print and Digital From Pro Se Productions!


SHOT #1- There’s always someone who doesn’t know you when they first see a new book. Share a bit about yourself.

KR- I am a Jill of many trades – photographer, author (of course LOL), owner of a Tea company and a Certified Tea Specialist. I love the world around me and I try to learn as much as I can every day. I learned that Life is too short so why hold back? I don’t just live my life – I embrace it in all its weirdness. I am a Strange and Unusual woman and I’m glad for it. I can have Tea while discussing Proust, dance my butt off at a Goth club, enjoy an afternoon of solitude in an art museum, or go romping through a cemetery. I’m also a BIG fan of World of Warcraft (Glory to the Sin’Dorei) and Moon Knight.

SHOT #2- Your latest book is JACKIE VERONA: A MURDER OF GYPSIES. It’s being billed as a hipster whodunit. What does that mean to you?

KR- Geez, really? My publisher came up with that genre. (grin) However, it means that none of my characters are idiots or “stale”. Books and art are their life lines. They embrace the world and will enjoy whatever falls into their laps. Jazz plays a big part in my life and I wove it through the book. You can actually hear the music as you read. I also made most of my characters be Tea drinkers. I had someone once tell me that my characters don’t know what alcohol is – give them a cup of Earl Grey and they are in heaven! Although they may appear to be stereotypical in the definition of Hipster, they also put their own spin on that term and OWN IT.

SHOT #3- Why set JACKIE VERONA in 1957? What about that time period adds to the weight of the story you’re telling?

KR- LOL Seriously – I love the Beat Generation. When I read On the Road (published in 1957) for the first time and then visited Kerouac’s grave, something inside of me came alive. The Beats were free thinkers, explorers of the known and unknown, and BONGOS (grin). When I decided to write my first murder mystery, I knew it had to be during that period of American history. I wanted to do the “slice of life” within the larger picture of such a period. On the Road is the backbone of Jackie Verona’s world.

SHOT #4- There are a lot of themes woven throughout JACKIE VERONA, all wrapped around a mystery. As an author, is it important to you to address issues important to society within your work or are you more drawing on personal aspects of you?

KR-Both, actually. I want my readers to see the world through a particular set of eyes. Being a Black woman with a myriad of interests, I don’t see that represented too much in the world of books. I wanted to add my voice and reactions to the literary maelstrom to let people know that yes, my voice and insight are important. Maybe you won’t agree with me, but at least it’s out there.

SHOT #5- Any future plans for Jackie, Clovis, or other denizens of Moon City?

KR-Oh YES! Honestly, I had the most fun writing Monica’s (Mooney) character – she’s a very important part of Jackie’s life. While Jackie lives her life with just enough spice, Mooney throws it all over the place and doesn’t care who is allergic to it. The two are very much my own version of Sherlock and Watson and it works for me. I will say this – the second book will involve more music (classical) and twins. For some reason, I love writing about twins.

Kimberly is available for interviews for websites, newsletters, podcasts, etc about JACKIE VERONA: A MURDER OF GYPSIES and her other work. Email to set up an interview or to obtain a copy of her current work for review purposes.




Author Kimberly Richardson, known for her innovative takes on various genres, tackles yet another and leaves her own mark on it. The debut volume in her Pro Se Productions Author Imprint, KIMBERLY RICHARDSON’S PULP GOTHIC, is the first in a series. JACKIE VERONA: A MURDER OF GYPSIES is now available in print and digital formats.

Welcome to Moon City, a place of culture, jazz music, and murder. Jacqueline Verona, or Jackie to friends and even some enemies, is a writer living in Moon City, one of the more progressive cities in the United States. The year is 1957 and the country is in a state of change. Riots, protests, and people fighting the good fight are what’s happening, yet Moon City seems to be above that. The city is nowhere near the size of New York City, yet it is large enough to boast several theaters, galleries, cafes, bookstores, a decent enough library, and people who want more in life no matter their race.

Jackie lays to rest Diane, the sister of her lover, Clovis, yet all is not what it appears to be. Join Jackie as she tries to unravel the mystery of Diane’s death, all the while keepin’ it cool with angry Beats, jealous lesbians, and depressed art students. A MURDER OF GYPSIES is the first book in the Jackie Verona series by Kimberly Richardson. From KIMBERLY RICHARDSON’S PULP GOTHIC and Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a terrific cover by Richardson with cover design, logo design, and, print formatting by Sean Ali, JACKIE VERONA: A MURDER OF GYPSIES is available in print at  for $6.99.

Richardson’s hipster whodunit is also available as an eBook formatted by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina for the Kindle at  for only $2.99. The book is also available to Kindle Unlimited members for free.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies for review, email

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to our website for open calls and to view our catalogue. Like Pro Se on Facebook at for the latest news, interviews and happenings.

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CoastCon 43 Updates, Schedules and MORE!!!

CoastCon 43 schedule is out and you can find the answer where all of your favorite panels and events are happening here.


Now that’s the link above is to the full CoastCon 43 schedule, but below, right here,  are the important pieces of the schedule. These are events for which I am scheduled, it is entirely possible I may pop up in other panels.



Yes, you read the schedule correctly. Because of unforeseen circumstances the original hosts for opening ceremonies will not be available and I have been asked to step into the role. I am excited and looking forward to it. So come on out and watch me make a fool of myself, all for your amusement and pleasure.

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Available in Print and Digital
From Pro Se Productions!

Ape Honor

SHOT #1- First, share a bit about Michael Panush, the author and the man.

MP- I’ve been writing creatively since my Freshman year in High School. It’s always been a passion for me. Stories, the elements of storytelling, and inspirations for writing are always dancing around somewhere in my head. Currently, I work as an educator, which is one of the greatest sources of inspiration around. For instance, during my school’s recent ski-trip, a tubing mishap sent me flying into the air and rolling down a hill. As I bounced my way down the snowy hill, I had one thought: this is what it’s like to go crashing down a hill. How can I fit this into a story?

Besides writing, my other creative endeavor is role-playing games. It’s very similar to writing, except you can’t control the characters, and you never quite know what they’re going to do. It’s an experience I’d recommend to all authors. You can find me playing the urban fantasy game Urban Shadows at every Tuesday night.

SHOT #2- Your latest work is the first in the VICTORIA’S APE series. Tell us a bit about APE’S HONOR.

MP- The Victoria’s Ape series tells the story of Cooper Grey, a gorilla who went through Dynamic Darwinism—a scientific process that can give animals the powers of intelligence and speech. He was adopted by a British nobleman, and ended up inheriting the title. Now, he’s Lord Cooper Grey, Queen Victoria’s trusted agent in the world of animal affairs. In Ape’s Honor, Cooper is tasked with stopping a brutal thief and serial killer known as the Wraith, who is gathering Dynamic components for some bizarre experiment—and harbors a deep connection to Cooper’s own past. It’s a story of Victorian mystery and intrigue, combining drawing room politics and back-alley brawls, with lots of animal action.

SHOT #3- This is a fascinating concept, blending Darwinism into a fictional science fiction sort of story. Where did the inspiration for this come from?

MP- I believe the initial inspiration was when I was writing a very bad retro sci-fi story about a robot detective that—hopefully—will never see the light of day. I wanted the hardboiled American robot detective to have a British Sherlock Holmes-esque counterpart, and decided to go with an uplifted gorilla. Gorillas and robots are the perfect contrast, right? A bit later, I was struck with the urge of doing a story set in Victorian England, and the concept of an intelligent, refined, and utterly polite gorilla came back. But then I considered something else: if the technology existed to uplift one gorilla, why wouldn’t it be used on other animals? That would lead to a Victorian England where people rubbed elbows with the scales, feathers, and fur of countless intelligent beasts—and judging by the way a lot of people were treated in Victorian England, most of these animals would not have the same privilege as the pampered Cooper.

SHOT #4- With the book being set in the 19th century, what threads/themes did you weave into APE’S HONOR that may make it relevant to a 21st Century audience?

MP- I believe it was Alan Moore, writing about his phenomenal, classic Jack the Ripper graphic novel From Hell, who suggested that most of the major issues of the present—industrialization, imperialism, the power of the press, urban sprawl—really rose to prominence in the Victorian Era. For the Victoria’s Ape series, I wanted to take a harder look at the Victorian Age and show that modern audiences often forget about the injustice that characterized that time, in favor of the ‘top hats and cogs are cool’ utopianism of Steampunk or the ‘nobility are noble’ of period pieces like Downton Abbey—and I’ve certainly been guilty of those sins myself.

The reality is that, for the poor, for minorities, for colonized peoples, the Victorian Era was one of oppression and struggle. Lord Cooper is caught between those worlds. He’s a British nobleman, with all the wealth and snobbery that contains, but he’s also an outsider—his species makes him an oddity. This gives him a unique perspective, and in Ape’s Honor, he learns to embrace it.

SHOT #5- Will we see more of Cooper and his contemporaries, both simian and human in the future?

MP- Absolutely! There are going to be four more books in the Victoria’s Ape series which will deal with Cooper traveling the world, venturing into Wild West-era America, dealing with spiritualism and the occult, and finally finding his place in the tumultuous years after World War One. Additionally, I’ve written a spin-off series about a hardboiled gorilla PI in 50s Los Angeles named Joey Bananas that looks at the Dynamically Darwinian world from a whole other angle. If you’re a fan of Great Apes, like I am, you’ll have a lot to look forward to.

Michael is available for interviews for websites, newsletters, podcasts, etc about VICTORIA’S APE: APE’S HONOR and his other work. Email to set up an interview or to obtain a copy of his current novel for review purposes.

Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel — Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Fucking hell! Never should have said that dogs are cuter than kids! An hour prior, I was strolling through San Francisco’s suburbs; bopping, scatting, blurting nonsense words (I never really grew up, in case you haven’t guessed). As I passed a handful of alpha-female Soccer Moms—all running hill sprints, hoisting quinoa-fed babies at an extended-arm […]

via Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel — Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha



Ape Honor

Known for publishing cutting edge concepts and tales beyond the norm, Pro Se Productions proudly announces the release of the first in a series of innovative novels from author Michael Panush. VICTORIA’S APE: APE’S HONOR is now available in print and digital formats.

In 1859, Charles Darwin proposed the Theory of Evolution. In 1860, Oswald Oliphant turned that theory on its head. His revolutionary process of “Dynamic Darwinism” granted powers of speech and intelligence to animals, changing the lives of all living creatures—particularly that of a young gorilla named Cooper.

Owned by famed British nobleman and explorer, Lord Percival Grey, Cooper became the first animal to receive Dynamic Darwinism. He gained intelligence—and a love for Queen and Country. Now, he has inherited his father’s title and become Lord Cooper Grey—the only gorilla of the peerage. Along with Penny Prescott, American inventor and adventuress, he travels the world as an agent of the Queen, helping to handle the matters of beasts for the British Empire.

When a terrifying and murderous apparition known as the Wraith begins leaving a bloody trail of sundered bodies and gutted Dynamic Darwinism laboratories through the streets of London, Cooper is sent to stop him. His pursuit takes him from the seething rookeries of Whitechapel to the rarefied eyries of London high society. Cooper and Penny clash tooth and claw with a Chinese gibbon trained by Shaolin monks, a Russian bear beloved by the Tsar, an Irish rebel Spider Monkey, and an American gunslinger chimp, as they discover that the Wraith hunts a secret that could bring doom to Lord Grey—and the Empire. To protect his family and his Queen, Lord Cooper Grey and his allies will rely on their dynamic power, their animal instinct, and their Ape’s Honor. First in a new series of novels from Michael Panush-VICTORIA’S APE: APE’S HONOR. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring an atmospheric cover, print formatting and logo design by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, VICTORIA’S APE: APE’S HONOR is available in print on Amazon for $14.99.

This first volume in an exciting new series is also available as an eBook formatted by lo Iacono and Marina for the Kindle for only $3.99. The book is available to Kindle Unlimited members for free.

The second volume in Panush’s primate fueled pulp series, APES ABROAD, is currently scheduled for August release from Pro Se Productions.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies for review, email

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, and check out our catalogue and our open calls. Like Pro Se on Facebook to follow all the latest happenings and news.

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