From the mind of David J. Foster and the pens of Wendy Harrison, Ed Teja, E. W. Farnsworth, and James Hopwood explodes intrigue and espionage in CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’. From Pro Se Productions.

1961: Charley McKenna has a dirty job. She works for ‘the Company’ and she’s just been promoted to Head of Station in West Berlin. Dropped into heart of the Cold War, Charley finds herself working on a knives edge as tensions between he East and West reach an all-time high.

Pro Se Productions presents four new tales of Cold War espionage as Charley McKenna and her team of crack operatives fight to stave off universal Armageddon. The stories in CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’ take you beyond the Iron Curtain, back to a time when the great game was for real, and the stakes were astronomical.

Featuring complete design from cover to logo to print formatting by David J. Foster, CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’ is available in print from Amazon for $9.99.

Also formatted by Foster, this innovative historical espionage anthology is available in Kindle and only for 99 Cents for a limited time. Kindle Unlimited Members read for FREE!

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