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CONtraflow X

CONtraflow is a convention held in the greater New Orleans area. It focuses on science fiction, fantasy, comics, and related literary genres in any form, including but not limited to writing, visual arts, dramatic arts, and interactive fiction. Below is my Panel Schedule this weekend: Debate this! Friday, 8pm, Panel Room 3 Creating Memorable Characters, … Continue reading CONtraflow X


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CRIME SOLVERS OR PROBLEM CASES? ‘THE CASE OF THE DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE’ DEBUTS! Not every hero is invulnerable or infallible, especially detectives. Men and women that make a living solving mysteries often can’t overcome their own riddles.  But, sometimes, what many see as weakness may be the only strength needed to uncover a … Continue reading THE CASE OF THE DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE

2022 Pulp Factory Award winners

All fine fellows you should put on your reading list! Congratulations to the 2022 Pulp Factory Award winners. Best Pulp Novel: Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy by Charles F Millhouse. Stormgate Press. Best Pulp Short Story: Snow Shorts #4: Snow Ambition by Brian K Morris. BEN Books. Best Pulp Cover: Pulp Reality #2 by Clayton Murwin. Stormgate Press. … Continue reading 2022 Pulp Factory Award winners

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