Moonshadows come.

Dancing with me.

At their beckon

We shall go

To a place beyond.

Realize a dream,

live a song.


As the moonlight

Plays gently thru your hair,

Blushing cheeks begin to glow.

Fire from your eyes

Displays warmth of your soul.

By the aura of heavens pearl,

White light shines clean,

Exposing my soul with all it means.


Come my love,

Let the shadows dance.

Perchance to weave,

Perhaps to love..

Celebrate life,

Savor its dance.


Dance among moonshadows.

Feel their joy.

Share the fleetingness of time

In their timeless dance.

Our time together

Reflections of their joy.

Joys issuing from love

Only moonshadows know.


The moonshadows come –

Will you dance,

As the shadows dance,

With me?


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