Flash Friday: Anyone Can Learn to Drive …

… at the Intergalactic Driving School on the plains of Chocolatum. Have the instructors at the Hazduke Racing School given you your walking papers? The pilots from the Snoop-Baronian Academy shot down your hopes? Even the intrepid adventurers of The Temple of Doomnation turned you away? Not to worry. The Intergalactic Driving School (Head-Heart-Hope-In-Transportation), otherwise known as IDSHHHIT, is pleased to offer you the least exciting, most soothing, totally risk-free drivers’ education experience in the known galaxies.

All drivers who study with IDSHHHIT are guaranteed to pass. (They do not guarantee what you will pass, only that you will pass something). Each student driver is assigned a highly competent, expert instructor who hovers nearby, calmly guiding every move. The instructor may even, occasionally, gently pat a shoulder or forearm to remind students of a critical point. Even the most anxious students relax in the professional atmosphere of an IDSHHHIT class session.

IDSHHHIT training ships are modern, spacious, and comfortable, specifically designed to give a smooth, level ride. Seated in the capacious captain’s chair, you can feel the engine thrum far beneath you. The responsive joystick represents the very latest in driving control, allowing you to turn on the proverbial dime with just the brush of your fingertips. You will enjoy every moment of each lesson. Even the occasional mishap generally results in laughter and the chance to try again, as classes are held on the Plains of Chocolatum, where conditions are accommodating and, indeed, have a reputation for being highly forgiving.

The Plains of Chocolatum cover a wide expanse on the low-gravity planet Ganashinatum. The terrain has the consistency of what is known on Earth as “chocolate silk pie” – that is, the ground is soft and yielding. Even the soft grasses that cover the plains bend and fold at the slightest touch, leaving the haunting scent of roasted cocoa drifting through the air.

The atmosphere of Ganashinatum has been described as “thick as pea soup”. As IDSHHHIT literature points out, a dense atmosphere is excellent for muffling the conversations between students and instructors, ensuring that any unguarded remarks remain a private matter. The air seems particularly pea-soup-like over the Plains of Chocolatum, but this is likely an illusion and definitely not a result of intestinal responses to turbulence or sudden changes in altitude.

Ganashinatum is part of a complex solar system orbiting the sun Insurioso. This system has become known for its low-cost, high-return business investments. The planets and moons in this system include Collisio, a metal-based planet specializing in mechanical repairs; Superficio, a large, colorful planet with an extensive network of paint shops and dent removers; and J(unk)Y(ard)503, a tiny, far-flung moon that functions as a sort of informal drop-off point for ships beyond repair.

Intergalactic Visitors and Arrivals from Alternate Dimensions
Ganashinatum welcomes everyone equally. Intergalactic visitors are asked to register online at the Office of Intergalactic Distribution of Specie before arrival. Please include banking information and preferred form of payment. Travelers arriving from Alternate Dimensions are asked to bring currently accepted galactic credits or kindly requested to continue on their journeys.

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So? You want to visit Ourangdun!

Nothing says adventure quite like our Ourangdun. The open spaces which seem to stretch on forever tell the story of exploration and development. Our wide brown lands reflect Ourangdun’s pioneering spirit and unique identity. You can find a little bit of adventure in every part of Ourangdun, and while many regions are remote, they are patrolled and perfectly safe from outlaws.

So instead of worrying about an ambush, you can be enthralled by the rugged gorges, epic waterways and incandescent ocean of Ourangdun. Enjoy a triple-sunset chobo ride in Bwunda, then aquacar along the Poqntin River to the Jomilur Valley, home to the Oodic Cluster and near the beehive-striped Bingle Bangles of the Oyebykyky Butte. Bwunda is also the gateway to the remote, beautiful Spnouwe Peninsula.

Do I need a visa to enter Ourangdun?

Unless you are citizens of the planets Pyarpkupb or Neolwpkpbs, you will need a valid Ourangdun visa to land on the planet. Intrasolar visitors can apply for a visa upon arrival planetside. There is a slight quarantine period while awaiting approval. All other Intergalactic visitors must apply for a visa before leaving your homeworld. You can apply for a range of visas, including tourist visas and working holiday visas, at your nearest Ourangdun Oligarch Corporate Mining Conglomerate.

Which part of Ourangdun should I visit?

That depends on what you want to do!

• Want to go bounty hunting? Then try the northwestern hemisphere of the planet. The lucky traveler still occasionally stumbles over a nest of outlaws. You will be provided an introduction to bounty hunting and assigned to one our Corporate Raiders as interim Bounty Hunter. Would you like to know more? Please see our full list of visas, available at any Ourangdun Oligarch Corporate Mining Conglomerate.
• If you like to build sandcastles, then explore the Eastern hemisphere. Near Oyebykyky Buttes you will find a stand over a hundred people tall and hundreds of kilometers long. This is a protected area. Would you like to know more? Please see our full list of visas, available at any Ourangdun Oligarch Corporate Mining Conglomerate.
• If you have an interest in wildlife, you should visit the Southern Hemisphere Nature Reserve. Here you can find a host of indigenous Ourangdun animals: the rare Przwenlsli, the world’s last wild dragon; the Bombus bear; the golden Vombatus; bactrachian two-humped Rhincodon. Even sabre-toothed Tragelodontus venture from their mountaintop homes in winter. Hunting is allowed by special visa during peak populations. Would you like to know more? Please see our full list of visas, available at any Ourangdun Oligarch Corporate Mining Conglomerate.


Before you go . . .
• Indigenous natives are nomadic. Every nomad family you meet will offer to serve you with a salty tea. Fermented milk from the domestic Rhincodon and, if you’re lucky, Rhincodon intestines! There is no vegetarian fare as even the vegetables contain meat. They call it “vegetable” because the plants are green.
• Just in case you can’t stomach the local fare, I recommend taking . . .
Emergency rations from your ship.
• And anything else you can’t live without!
• And unless you fancy dealing with explosive diarrhea in the middle of a Ourangdun sandstorm—bring some antidiarrheal meant for your physiology! (You wouldn’t like the local concoction.)
• Other standard items to take include sunglasses, sun cream (we recommend SPF 300 because of the three suns), and small gifts for the nomads you meet on your travels (so they do not serve you with the above-mentioned a salty tea).
• Oh yes, one more thing … avoid the Orellian Death Worm at all costs!

Good luck and Happy Trails!
Remember the Number One Rule:

Opus Marduk Pt 5. – fini

“A truce has been reached with Tezcatlipoca for now as his demons are worthless in a fight and need our might in a quest.” sneered Martutu, “Ninurta and Nabu will provide aid to us in releasing an Elder from his imprisonment. We seek in the material plane within an area known as the Metairie Sector three objects: a statue of the Elder God, a proper sacrifice prepared by cultists and the Necronomicon from which Ninurta and Nabu will gain the spells for the summoning. Even now, cultists led by the Warlord Stark work to open a portal into their realm that we may accomplish this goal. A Demon not seen for the ages of man will be released to once again wreak havoc. Behold! I tell you a mystery. Cthulu shall not all sleep and all shall be changed! Ia!! Ia!! Cthulu Phatagn!!”

“Go now! Fight until summoned! “, roared Martu as he took to the air.

So, it was the Fabled Curators of Tezcatlipoca, even a herald of Khorne had reason to be wary with them. My attention came into sharp focus as Martutu flew in my direction.

Martutu glided to a rest on the chamber floor in front of me, “Mortal, when summoned, do not hesitate, if not for the need I would chain you in the pits for your insolence in not arriving after my summons. Be not proud mon-kee, you are gifted with the warp but not fit to wipe my blade upon. ““I stand as a Prince among Ghurzil’s demons…’ my statement stopped by the force of Martutu’s blow. As I stood, stunned, for I have never been bested in battle, Martutu turned to me, “Mortal, you may be a “prince” in your realm but you are not a demon. You stink of your mortality and are abomination. You will answer my calls and you will fight as I demand. Now begone! Let your betters show you what demons truly are.”

As he left, the Librarians were scuffling and arguing atop their mount, all the while pointing my direction.

“Ia!! Ia!! Cthulhu Phatagn!!” I thought as I sought a hound of Tindalos to use so I could start beating my way into the hierarchy.

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Opus Marduk Pt 4

Now within the warp flying through above a landscape so foreign to the material mind it is all I can do to stay sane within my insanity. Approaching on the horizon, a plateau arises out of the wastes of lava. Atop it is the castle. Not as any castle within the material would be considered. What could be seen were eight spires of glistening jet, connected by crenellated ramparts circled in such a way about the slope giving appearance a gigantic maw eager to swallow me.

Closing my wings, dove for the gullet, landing in a fighting crouch amidst a cavernous antechamber. This is the warp and the demesnes’ of a Cruorsot.

Upon bellowing my presence, a pack of Hounds of Tindalos bound from of the shadows and began to circle. As I kept an eye on them a twittering giggle caught my ear. Sniffing out the source, I was surprised at finding an Azure Dread, demon of Tezcatlipoca, within these halls.

“What manner of trickery of this you cursed fiend”? I snarled, “My ire grows, and I am weary for battle.” The imp laughed as he was joined by another.

“Have a care mortal beast. The pack only circles to protect us. We have business with your Master and must include even worms of such mortal taint. Follow if you dare.”

As they moved into a great arch the pack growled, opening a way. Following the Azure Dread into the hall, the drawings and frescos on the walls stirred my blood to a fever pitch. A history of Ghurzil and the sanguine story told served to awe and inspire my own bloodlusts.

There were hints that this may be an extension of Ghurzil’s palace itself! Staggering was the thought that perhaps within the bowels of this mythic structure was the mountain of skulls upon which sat the Golden throne itself. Down eight steps of the dais sit eight stone altars which surround the well of rage.

A nudge upon my thigh brought me back to myself and the largest Hound of Tindalos directed me to one side of a vast arena made small for the press of demonic form.

There in the center of the chamber was Martutu astride a brazen throne in the likeness skull from some primordial beast. Floating beside him were the two Azure Dreads. They rode a beast seemingly all wing, lazily flapping the tips to remain in place.

Miraculous was examples of all types of Ghurzilian demons were present and none were fighting.

A gong sounded, all the demons within the arena turned their attention to Martutu.

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Opus Marduk – Pt 3

The Adversary Knight had barely brought JonDuc time to reach the lower levels of the temple. Evidence of the monstrous battle taking place above and the abuses caused by the land raider were all around in the visibly crumbling walls and ceilings. Each step was treacherous as the building shifted in its death throes. Rounding the corner JonDuc entered a cathedral size chamber.

There in the center of the abomination called an altar by the darkest powers, stood an odd cube. The gray, silver metal pulsed in a sickening imitation of life, the case of the Pandorica Libre. With intent to take it back to vaults of Titan, further probing the secrets of chaos, JonDuc reached for it. With simultaneity of chaos, Marduk entered the chamber.

JonDuc grabbed the cube, forcing its cool sliminess into the pouch he carried. At this violation of Chaos, by this follower of the Corpse Emperor, the full wrath of the Chaos hosts screamed forth.

Already on his way to Daemonhood, Marduk burst from his armor, shredding millennia old ceramite plates as paper. Touched by Ghurzil and filled with a rage so intense the very air burst into flame, he charged.

The temple almost did not withstand the first blows of the two as they struggled. JonDuc could not endure, the blows came to fast, too powerful and Marduk fought as Ghurzil incarnate. In the end, the final blow came not from Ghurzil’s demonic weapon, but from the beast itself as Marduk ripped the throat from the once Grand Master placing his torn head on the altar in obsecration to the Dark Powers.

Taking the Pandorica Libre in one claw, Marduk ascended to the top of the Temple carrying Jonducs’ still twitching form in the other. Looking across the plaza he saw the other Berzerkers activating the pylon gate. Dipping one blood stained finger into the cavity Jonducs’ neck once capped, Marduk fed the sigils in the pylon next to him. As he did, they began to glow. Brighter and brighter, pulsing in time with the Pandoricas’ case, the enemies of chaos were consumed in the warp flame as the Chaos burst into the material plane.

Feeling a stirring in his hand, Marduk watched as the Pandorica opened. Bathed in its eerie phosphorescence, he knew how to make these changes permanent. Leaping from the temple; spreading his wings he flew toward his cheering men. As they gathered, he began the slaughter. None could withstand him. As he swung, effortlessly cleaving their bodies and rendered them headless. Gathering the bloody skulls of his followers, he took them back to the altar.

For here, among the skulls of foe and battle brothers, calling out from the Pandorica in the language of Chaos, he absorbed their psyches. Burning and offering each to Ghurzil as the blood flowed. ….

For my actions Ghurzil himself granted the Ka’daath system in the Astronomicon Sector as my own principality. There have been many battles worthy of saga and I have ruled for many cycles of the galaxy.

Until the day Martus’ summons arrived.

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Opus Marduk – Pt 2

It was then the scheme to gain the ultimate power came to me. The hope I dared not hope, nor let myself know I hoped it, ascendancy could be mine, ran his thoughts,  in that moment, slaking my thirst from the blood running down my axe. I smiled as the warband roared in jubilation with the prospects of battle, none the wiser for the part they might play.

Others were aware of this event; it was a glorious, bloody series of battles. All added to the skulls and blood offered to Ghurzil, Mechron, Dark Yllie, Daks, Servants of Kurupi all provided ecstasy and rush of battle. After each battle, each sacrifice, Marduk could feel himself growing stronger, more powerful, filled with a rage so pure as to be euphoric. As the weak follower of Kurupi succumbed to the might of Ghurzil, it breathed the last temptation; the artifact they sought was the Pandorica Libre. Of such intense power, even fabled librarians of Tezcatlipoca had sought it for millennia.

Breaking through the jungles, the mythical temples came into view. To bleed a sacrifice upon the altar of the pylons situated atop each of the twin ziggurats would open a stable portal into the warp. The power of chaos could flow freely and he, Marduk, with the aid of the Pandorica would become legend. From afar a glint of metals gave rise to knowledge; this would be a special battle. One against a most hated foe, the Ashen Cabelleros. A foe especially despised since their banishment of Ka’jagga’nath , Lord of the Bloodtide, chosen among Khorne, whose epic corruption of a Sisters of Fortune garrison on Van Horne songs are still sung.

The battle was the fiercest in many a year, as wave on wave of the Ashen Cabelleros raced to the challenge of the ancient ziggurats. The Marauders fought as demons themselves, and Ghurzil smiled. The Grand Master of the Ashen Cabelleros JonDuc intent upon reaching the chaos artifact within the temple cut his way through the fray, one of the dreaded a Adversary Knights at his back.

Finally, as the great land raider, Grim Skull crushed the temple to ruins Marduk emerged with his retinue. Wearing the skulls of fallen as a mask, they inspired fear in even the fearless. The hideous heat of the heavy flamer, in support of the Berzerkers against a group of Purifiers, lent its sulfurous fumes to the stench of melting meat.

Marduk strode forth, confident of his power challenging the Grand Master to single combat. As all the followers of the Corpse of Mankind, he treacherously accepted and stepped aside for the Adversary Knight to come forward. Marduk’s roar of rage at the cowardice shirking of battle could be heard over the battle field. With a thunderous crash of ancient ceramite and metal, the demon trapped within his weapon screaming, the rending shriek of metal as Marduk clove the Adversary Knight, reached into its belly and withdrew the mewling occupant within. In a snarling growl Marduk asked, “You Ashen Cabelleros are supposed to know Chaos, I am here to give you a chance..Give yourself to Ghurzil and live”, eyes blazing, the devastated body of the once proud purifier released his hand. The dead man switch clanked and clunked down the face of the ruined temple, closing his remaining eye, gave one last scream from his tortured lungs, “For the Empire!”, and the Adversary Knight exploded.

The blast wave washed over Marduk, hot, powerful, but nothing as compared to his fury being denied his prize. Ripping the head from the fallen warrior, he turned up the body as a grotesque tankard, pouring the blood down his throat and over his face.

True sanity, after one fashion or another, entails dissolving the normal ego. That piece of false security, competency adjusted, to our alien, material world. In that moment the final shreds of Marduks sanity and connection to this mortal plane began to dissolve. Turning began to stalk after the Grand Master.


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Opus Marduk – Pt 1

Swooping over the blood soaked plains of the daemon world answering the summons, Marduk’s thoughts drifted over the circumstances of his ascendancy. From the first whispered tales of Khorne before the grand revolution throwing down the false emperor, through the endless journeys through the warp, leading his warband in one battle after another for the glory of Khorne…..

Many were the battles of my Marauders carving out swathes of destruction and carnage through the galaxy. In their wake only the charred ruins of systems, onward to the new sector and fresh offerings of skulls and spilling of blood for the Dark Powers. Until the day the Imperial Battle Fleet came and our only solace of escape lay within the warp. Chaos heeded our call. A titanic warp storm, its power was more than anything seen in this sector, the sheer ferocity of the warp overwhelming our astronavigator, losing us in the labyrinthine corridors between the worlds.

Within the malicious currents of the storm, we boarded them. One by one, my fleet grew. The hunter was now the prey. Those who would not surrender to the Dark Powers were sacrificed. Of those who surrendered, the sweetest taste were those of the Delphian Guard who succumbed, seeing the false light of their corpse empire for lies; joining eagerly in the sacrifice of their former Battle Brothers. Many were the skulls piled in cairns as offerings to the Dark powers.

The sights, the madness, the glorious Muse which bore me euphoria from its womb; whose pained head I first took Vision of those instincts which have to do with all corruption. Rage, only rage began to exist, the purer the rage the more in control I felt. The stranger god was his own, MARDUK. Yes, it was he who tasted life then, the seed of the earliest dreams sprouting, taking root in the hoary remnants of my soul.

Marduk smiled at memories of the whispers once reaching his ears.  For as time passed within the timelessness of the warp Ideas there were those sought to sow sedition speaking against him. Whispers of getting ideas above my station and despite our victories, we were cast into the Warp Storm as punishment and to teach me my place; Marduk’s mirthless laughter rang off the canyon walls at the memory. So easy to handle, those who complained – adding their skulls to the growing cairns in dedication to Khorne, drinking the blood of the slain from their skulls as their brethren watched, searing into them the discipline and obedience he required as they each sipped in turn..

Each death more savage, each more bestial, yes, it was he who flung himself upon the mon-kee, who bit , tore and swallowed the smoking gobbets of flesh- while on the trampled decks began the rites in honour of their god, blood smoked as incense and shared draught, while the cairns of skulls grew-and In his very core, felt the bestial elevation to his ascendancy.

After one such orgy of blood, it happened. The sighting of an Imperial battle cruiser and as the storm waned; we attacked out of the storm. Their cruiser’s astronavigator was caught by surprise, the warp disruptions still blinding them and they crashed to the planet below.

The hated enemy, a host of Dark Angels, spilled from the wreckage like maggots deserting carrion. Our warband descended upon them as the wrathful vengeance we represented. In a battle bloody and fierce, even for followers of the corpse empire, more of the warp filled me. Till within my armor, the very form of one of the Dark Powers began to take shape. Among the spoils, a pair of scroll cases the contents citing a mysterious void, the Astronomicon, said to contain a source of great power.

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Stories of the Iron Dragons – Awakening : The End…???

Joining the others around the altar, whereupon is bound a woman in green robes is bound, a great tome to one side, Inquisitor de Salis ascends the dais. A chant begins. Slowly, at first, building in crescendo and fervor the chant builds. He holds up his hands and cries out,

“Where the stones have been set up thou shalt call out to Shub- Niggurath, and unto he that knoweth the signs and uttereth the words all earthly pleasures shall be granted.”

* * * *

“The sun has entereth the Sign of the Ram and the time of night is upon us. De Salis turned to the North wind and read aloud:


Great Black Goat of the Woods,

I Call Thee forth !


As one the crowd kneels.

Answer the cry of thy servant who knoweth the words of power!

(my right hand raises in a strange gesture I know to be the Voorish sign)

Rise up I say from thy slumbers and come forth with a thousand more!

(my left hand now raises in a strange gesture I know to be the sign of Kish)

I make the signs,

I speak the words that openeth the door!

Come forth I say,

I turn the Key,

Now ! walk the Earth once more !

The Inquisitor cast the perfumes upon the coals, a putrid smoke now arising from the altar and he traces a sigil in the air and pronounces the words of power:





And then the Black one came forth and the thousand Horned Ones who howl shall rose up from the Earth. And thou shalt hold before them the talisman of Yhe upon which they shall bow to thy power and answer thy demands.

And before did indeed appear Shub-Niggurath. Standing there legs astride the altar looking down as Inquisitor de Salis plunged an obsidian blade deep into the womans chest tied down upon the altar. As her life force visibly rose from her body to join the incense already polluting the foul air, Shub-Niggurath spoke.

There is another you must awaken this night and your time grows short. Take this image of the last Old One and go now, do as it is foretold.

Turning with the crowd, (had there been so many in our expedition?), we headed out a great archway toward the cliffs looking over the oceans.

Standing at the cliffs edge, Inquisitor de Salis turns and began to speak again. Again the chant grew, more powerful, stronger than before..


Ia!! Ia!! Cthulu Phatagn! Ia!! Ia!! Cthulu Phatagn! Ia!! Ia!! Cthulu Phatagn!

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh Wgah’nagl fhtan.


After the third chorus of the chant, all was silent. The Inquisitor began to speak,

‘In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.

And He shall come unto you in sleep and show His sign with which ye shall unlock the secrets of the deep.’

O Thou that lieth dead but ever dreameth,

Hear, Thy servant calleth Thee.

Hear me O mighty Cthulhu! 

Hear me Lord of Dreams !

In Thy tower at R’lyeh They have sealed ye,

but Dagon shall break Thy accursed bonds,

and Thy Kingdom shall rise once more.

The Deep Ones knoweth Thy secret Name,

The Hydra knoweth Thy lair;

Give forth Thy sign that I may know

Thy will upon the Earth.

When death dies, Thy time shall be,

and Thou shalt sleep no more; Grant me the power to still the waves,

that I may hear Thy Call.


After repeating this incantation three times, Inquisitor de Salis lifted the statue of the winged creature, (where had I seen it before), and threw it over the cliffs into the waves below, saying as he did, ‘In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.’

Shortly afterward, the waters began to boil, the seas exploded upward, and there he was, towering over the cliffs, glistening by the light of the gibbous moon. Cthulhu! He did exist. Many within our number swooned, or fell dead, I know not which, nor did I care. All that mattered was he was here.

Then a abruptly a pain, a terrible, blinding pain erupted behind my eyes, and I knew. I knew this was the beginning. We did not have the power needed to release him from R’lyeh, but we had enough he could communicate with us gloriously in our dreams.

We must go out, bring the other races under his calling, for it will take many minds to bring him back to our materium. Since he has powers of the warp we cannot even imagine, he can aid us. He sees now there are powers within the warp which were not intended, but he can use them. He can imbue our force with the power of any warp faction. For now, our directive is clear. Take Cthulhu Crusade to the stars. Seek the power to release him from R’lyeh.


Awakening as the morning revel is sounded I am drenched in sweat. The sides of my cot still have impressions of my fingers and I have a headache. I hope there is coffee.



Thank you for reading,


Stories of the Iron Dragons – Awakening Pt. 4

Entering, the interior is cavernous, larger than many of the hive cities on other worlds. As we bring in light sources and the cavern is lit, surprised to see many buildings through out the expanse. Central to all of these is a building of apparently the same greenish-black stone as the temple itself. Shaped as a Ziggurat it towers over the other buildings.

These other buildings are not of the same design, not even the same races! Here there are the graceful lines of the Slynar, there are some which if they were not so neatly organized, I would swear are Oruk barracks, clean efficient Mechronter, and dwellings which may have come from any period on Earth, and many styles which could not be named.

After hours of collecting data, trying to find common thread between the runes, it was time to rest. During this time, I know not where the Inquisitor or his Augur had gone, but on my way back to camp they came walking out of the jungles.

Neither offered any information and it is not wise to question the ways of The Inquisition, so we continued back in silence.

Reviewing the runes I am finding much that is exciting. I dare not, I shall not, hope that we may have found a last stronghold of the Old Ones. If I read some these runes right at first impression, they tell the story of the Old Ones. Genetically manipulating and bring into being many of the races we know today. Even, hints at things never dreamt in our imaginations.

After creating many races, even with their great wisdom and foresight, an unheralded event in Galactic history occurred. This unforeseen side effect of the Old Ones began to manifest as the Young Races’ growing pains disturbed the Warp. With this formless energy coalescing older warp entities become predatory and the Empyrean became a more hostile environment. From cracks in reality, the denizens of the warp sought entry into the material universe. From this beginning, all of Chaos was formed.

Legends hinting at some of this continue to be sung by the Slynar on the homeworld Jeilur, but compared to what has been learned here in only a few hours, they are as children’s tales. But if these tales be true, perhaps it is true one yet survives?

So many races who were shaped by the Old Ones and set into their eventual destinies, all described here.

The Mechronter wanted to immortality from them, but were denied, pushing them to form an alliance with the Yith. The Slynar race, were taught and shown the ways of the warp. Teaching them to use the warp portals, and their excesses in search of experiences, gave birth to the chaos god Sleakesh. Kroruks, (possibly devolved into the Oruks we know today), as living weapons from spores, complete with the knowledge of weapons and battle needed to fight the wars with the Yith.

Having not even scratched the surface and to have this much knowledge, what things will we learn here?

I go to sleep, my mind abuzz at the wonders awaiting us all.


Thank you for reading,


Stories if the Iron Dragons – Awakening Pt. 3

Now, approaching the area it comes into view. A coastline of mingled mud, ooze, and weedy cyclopean masonry surrounds the nightmare corpse-city. The city built in measureless aeons behind history by the vast, loathsome shapes that seeped down from the dark stars.

As the city resolves itself into sight it is seen as a vista of vast angles and stone surfaces – surfaces too great to belong to anything right or proper for mortal beings. Our pilots found landing space in the great plaza. On our approach the temple dominated the landscape. What has looked black from the air and recon photos had a greenish sheen to it, possibly the result of the slime and molds that covered everything. The great temple, those greenish stone blocks, the dizzying height of the great carven monolith, and the stupefying identity of the colossal statues and bas-reliefs commanded awe from human onlookers.

The geometry is abnormal, non-Euclidean, and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours. The taint of the warp so prevalent on this planet is almost palpable in this tomb city of a forgotten race. So much, the Inquisitors’ Augur was almost glowing with it as he jewels sought to contain and bleed it off.

We began our investigations at the largest of the buildings while the guardsmen set up our camp. Exploring the perimeter of the ruin the walls are covered in reliefs. When seen close many bas-reliefs of different species and life forms. Perhaps this was a central complex for an interstellar religion. Many reliefs appear to show scenes studying the stars. These scenes showed astrology and astronomy blended into an arcane science. A great number of runes appear to be similar to versions used by a variety of races.

Between the runes and the reliefs it appears the builders thought themselves teachers, perhaps mentors, to some of the other races.

One such relief shows a winged figure with a barbed tail, crouching upon a platform. Its head reminiscent of a cephalopod or perhaps some sort of Xristox, some of the runes surrounding it are similar in appearance to those used by the Slynar and of all races, the Mechons.

A cry in the distance at the edge of the temple brings me back to our group. It seems some of the group found a stone plinth could be moved revealing an opening into the temple.

Thank you for reading,