Stories if the Iron Dragons – Awakening Pt. 3

Now, approaching the area it comes into view. A coastline of mingled mud, ooze, and weedy cyclopean masonry surrounds the nightmare corpse-city. The city built in measureless aeons behind history by the vast, loathsome shapes that seeped down from the dark stars.

As the city resolves itself into sight it is seen as a vista of vast angles and stone surfaces – surfaces too great to belong to anything right or proper for mortal beings. Our pilots found landing space in the great plaza. On our approach the temple dominated the landscape. What has looked black from the air and recon photos had a greenish sheen to it, possibly the result of the slime and molds that covered everything. The great temple, those greenish stone blocks, the dizzying height of the great carven monolith, and the stupefying identity of the colossal statues and bas-reliefs commanded awe from human onlookers.

The geometry is abnormal, non-Euclidean, and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours. The taint of the warp so prevalent on this planet is almost palpable in this tomb city of a forgotten race. So much, the Inquisitors’ Augur was almost glowing with it as he jewels sought to contain and bleed it off.

We began our investigations at the largest of the buildings while the guardsmen set up our camp. Exploring the perimeter of the ruin the walls are covered in reliefs. When seen close many bas-reliefs of different species and life forms. Perhaps this was a central complex for an interstellar religion. Many reliefs appear to show scenes studying the stars. These scenes showed astrology and astronomy blended into an arcane science. A great number of runes appear to be similar to versions used by a variety of races.

Between the runes and the reliefs it appears the builders thought themselves teachers, perhaps mentors, to some of the other races.

One such relief shows a winged figure with a barbed tail, crouching upon a platform. Its head reminiscent of a cephalopod or perhaps some sort of Xristox, some of the runes surrounding it are similar in appearance to those used by the Slynar and of all races, the Mechons.

A cry in the distance at the edge of the temple brings me back to our group. It seems some of the group found a stone plinth could be moved revealing an opening into the temple.

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