Whispers and Lures


This blackest dawn,
This brightest night.
Creep toward shadows
Shadows are tranquil.
Grey skies shield the light
A soothing emptiness.
Filled with whispers and lures
The voices are loud.
Hands over my ears,
My eyes closed tightly.
Blindly stumble onward
To avoid drowning in mire.
Treading in place
Trying to hold
Onto the abyss.
Edge covered
By thin ice.
If I fall,
It could crack,
I could freeze.
Become numb
To the pain.
If only someone else understood.

Thank you for reading,

Ernest Russell

(image from pixabay)


When The Shadow Sees The Sun

It was an honor to be included in this memorial to a man who encouraged me in my journey as an author. This book, “When The Shadow Sees The Sun – Creatives Surviving Depression” is dedicated to, and in memoriam of Logan L. Masterson, but make no mistake, it is because of him, but not about him.

It is about the struggle so many creative, talented people face every day. The contributors of this book share and bare some the most intimate and vulnerable pieces of our psyche, our struggles, insights into how we cope, and our defense mechanisms. As you read the pieces of ourselves placed with fear, trepidation and hope on the pages of this book, remember, we do this for you. That you know you are not alone, as much as it feels you may be, there is someone who has some idea what you are going through and may even understand. We hope it helps.