Whispers and Lures


This blackest dawn,
This brightest night.
Creep toward shadows
Shadows are tranquil.
Grey skies shield the light
A soothing emptiness.
Filled with whispers and lures
The voices are loud.
Hands over my ears,
My eyes closed tightly.
Blindly stumble onward
To avoid drowning in mire.
Treading in place
Trying to hold
Onto the abyss.
Edge covered
By thin ice.
If I fall,
It could crack,
I could freeze.
Become numb
To the pain.
If only someone else understood.

Thank you for reading,

Ernest Russell

(image from pixabay)


One thought on “Whispers and Lures

  1. Voices are loud
    noise is what you hear,
    that dreadfully you seek
    the way of how to disappear.

    The sky can be dark
    and at times can be grey,
    But nobody can deny
    the beauty it convey.

    I know you’re not at easy,
    you feel you could crack
    and yet you don’t.
    You feel like freeze
    and everything seems black
    but here in this poem
    a little light has been thrown.

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