Fedoras On Stun!


A unique brand of criminal burned its way across America in the 1930s and 40s. The Gangster. Dapper dressers with Tommy guns and snap brim hats…But what if all these well coifed mobster types…weren’t just human? What if the appeal of crime on Earth reached beyond just one planet, out into the universe?

An exciting and innovative anthology, FEDORAS ON STUN! answers this question. Now available from Pro Se Productions in print and digital formats.

FEDORAS ON STUN! Combines two popular genres into a collision of action, laser fire, noir, and spaceships. Five of today’s best New Pulp Authors – Neal Privett, Dewayne Dowers, Aaron Bittner, Wayne G. Carey, and Ralph L. Angelo, Jr. – take the beloved elements of science fiction and gangster stories and weave them together into fantastic, over the top genre bending tales!

FEDORAS ON STUN! From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a fantastic cover by Larry Nadolsky and logo design and print formatting by Carol “Cookie” Morris, FEDORAS ON STUN! is available for 12.99 on Amazon

This unique anthology is also available on Kindle formatted by Carol “Cookie” Morris for $0.99 for a limited time. Kindle Unlimited Members can read this thrilling adventure for free!

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Giddy and Euphoric


Sean Taylor wants to be a time machine.

Sean Taylor believes redemptive stories still matter.

Sean Taylor knows that Ray Bradbury lives forever.

Don’t believe us? Then this book is for you. GIDDY AND EUPHORIC, now available from Pro Se Productions and its nonfiction PULPSTUDIES imprint, collects the essays of author and comic book writer Sean Taylor. In these pages, Sean shares his thoughts on subjects across the board, including his love for Ray Bradbury, why diversity is important to artists, and even the right way to become a short story reader!

“I’ll sum it up as simply as I can: you’re going to care. That’s what Sean does with his characters and the stories they inhabit. He makes you care.”

Erik Burnham, Ghostbusters

“Once you’re done reading, you’ll know you read a well-crafted, fully rounded piece of work.”

Dan Jurgens, The Death of Superman

Featuring a cover by the author and print formatting by Antonino lo Iaocono, GIDDY AND EUPHORIC is available for 11.99 via Amazon.   

Formatted by Antonino lo Iaocono and Marzia Marina, Taylor’s stellar collection of essays and insights is available on Kindle for only 99 cents. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!

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Zombie Island


Everyone’s dying to get to the islands…and even coming back from the dead…in author Wayne Carey’s ZOMBIE ISLAND, now available in print and digital formats from Pro Se Productions.

San Bernardo is a tropical paradise nestled in the blue waters of the Caribbean. Except that Sean, Bear, and Kira Hillstrand are vacationing on the island involuntarily. When young Carla Mendoza is attacked by a creature that looks like it just crawled out of a grave, the three Hillstrands jump at the chance to investigate.

While exploring the jungle, they stumble upon a body and witness a disfigured person captured by military personnel. The island’s world-famous Spinosa Clinic is the center of activity, with the visit of a South American general and military crawling all over the exclusive grounds. Experiments are going on, a strange virus is being developed with disastrous results, but the Hillstrands discover something more terrifying, more dangerous than an island overrun with zombies, with Sean, Bear, and Kira the only ones who can stop it.

ZOMBIE ISLAND by Wayne Carey. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a spooky cover by Larry Nadolsky and logo design and print formatting by Antonino lo Iaocono, ZOMBIE ISLAND is available for 11.99 on Amazon.

Carey’s horror adventure novel is also available on Kindle formatted by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina for $0.99 for a limited time Kindle Unlimited Members can read this thrilling adventure for free!

PUBLISHER’S NOTE-As of 2/20/22, two reviews are attached to this book, dating from 2015. These are not reviews of this novel and have been reported to Amazon.

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Wunderwaffe is a historical fiction woven into the history surrounding the Battle of The Bulge.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with John Mangus, independent film producer and screenwriter, to novelize one of his scripts.

It all began on a New Orleans radio show, The Week in Geek. At one point, John asked if I ever novelized a screenplay. I told him, no but I’d be willing to try. We took over the show for two to three minutes before taking it offline. That was when we began our collaboration. There have been some great discussions along the way. And a couple of stumbles as we learned to work with and communicate with each other. During our journey, we have learned a lot from each other.

We are close to the ending and have it queried with a publisher.

Wunderwaffe is a tale of momentous events, where an unlikely trio of forces must band together to protect a relic by any means possible, except violence.

Thank you for reading,

CoastCon Returns!!

After its two-year hiatus, I attended CoastCon 44 this past weekend. Leaving a convention is often difficult, and this past weekend was no exception. This was a family reunion. It was rejuvenating to see old friends, fans, guests, or vendors. No con is complete without making new friends along the way. You are a part of my extended family. As with any family reunion, there was a darker piece as we shared the grief of many we lost and the opportunity to mourn a person who stood out among a community filled with outstanding people. Many felt they received the closure they had needed. 

As a presenter, a responsive audience is what makes it fun. When you can share your passions with a room full of people, and they respond in kind is quite a rush. Fans are the soul of a convention, and the CoastCon members were great this weekend. 

My favorites were a panel Vampires, Elder gods, and things that go bump in the night about writing horror, where I had the honor of sharing the panel with Julie Wetzel and Annette Miller. We had a great conversation with each other and with the audience. 

Supervillains: The reason for the story is a new panel I wanted to try out. My thanks to “THE” Rob Cerio for being at the table. It was an entertaining panel, and we had a spirited discussion. 

Another new panel, Staples of horror: Religion and Mythology, started well. I was unable to print notes before the panel and used my laptop. Midway into the panel, the laptop dies. Dead battery. 

Jen Mulvihill helped cover until I regained my composure, and we went on to have a panel. I may try it again. I may not. 

Probably the funniest of the weekend was “Debate This:” topics are chosen randomly, as are a pair of real or literary/media characters. 

My favorite debate was Edgar Allen Poe versus Stephen King, and we debated who would be better at interrogation. It went in favor of Poe. He, after all, described several ways to actually torture people in his writings. King scares you, and then something – a car, an industrial laundry machine, a dog, or some ancient evil just kills you. Don’t jump on me for it. That’s just the way it went that time per the audience vote.

A convention is a great deal of work and can eat up a lot of your life. The team running CoastCon is always professional. I want to thank all of you. Pauline, Tiffany, Unity, Gabby, and so many others made this look easy. You ran a fun convention. Working with everyone associated with this convention is always an enjoyable experience. A special thanks to the volunteers. You kept everything running and seamless.   

Every convention, I try to learn something new, a technique, a way to make being a vendor a little easier. Many are the lessons I have learned. This year’s lesson? Old friends are never forgotten, and Save the Cat. 

Thank you for reading,

Ernest Russell


In Jules Verne’s classic ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, a character debuted that brimmed with life and vitality. He deserved more stories to be told about him. Pro Se Productions has proudly taken up the challenge with its latest anthology collection. THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NED LAND is now available in print and digital formats.

 Ned Land was a man of strength, both physically and emotionally. He was not educated, but he was intelligent in ways necessary for a man of the world. He was skilled in the ways of a sailor and known as ‘The Prince of Harpooners’. While Captain Nemo continued on into other stories, this singular man of the sea, Nemo’s opposite in so many ways, did not.

 Until now.

THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NED LAND sets sail with five new stories featuring Verne’s forgotten hero. Never venturing far from the water, Ned reaches for the stars in five exciting and thrilling tales. Sail, along with the storytelling sailor into the action tales, only a hero such as he deserves!

 THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NED LAND features a stunning cover by Antonino lo Iacono and print formatting by lo Iacono and Marzia Marina. It is available in print for $9/99 via Amazon.

 This innovative anthology is also available on Kindle formatted by lo Iacono and Marzia for $0.99 for a limited time, Kindle Unlimited Members can read this thrilling adventure for free!

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Happy Reading,


This is Mardi Gras

The day began the previous night, on Lundi Gras. A fun night spent with chosen family.

Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

The morning started at 0 dark thirty. Scouts, brave souls of our little tribe, up before the rest of us, sacrificed sleep to find a site for the day’s festivities. When we arrived to stake our claim, in the darkness, could be seen multiple colored tents. Their palette was providing contrast to the velvet night.

Nature’s dimmer switch slowly turned up the light. Its rosy glow bloomed over the city. In doing so, life along the route began to awaken.

The silent chill in the air lent an extra tang to the charcoal lighter fluid as grills were prepared for the day. Fortunately, the aroma gradually gave way to the savory odors of smoked meat & barbecue sauces.

To keep the sleepy masses awake, or awaken them, – music blared forth. Pounding rhythms and beats echoed off of buildings in the narrow streets. Awash in the sound, the cries of street vendors pulling and pushing their makeshift carts, hawking trinkets, colorful symbols in glorification of this last day of excess. All done in the spirit of a party, the atmosphere festive.

Children played in the streets, dodging among passersby, as they tossed balls or chasing doubloons pitched by a krewe of skeletons.  Running to burn energy, for the sheer delight of movement is a joy of childhood competition without malice as ballerinas, basketball players, and even cowboy’s race and laugh among themselves.

Police seek to be a presence – making a show order exists; however, minutely, in this barely contained chaos.

Trees along the streets were in full bloom with the fruit of carnival. These specters of parades past hung in multi-colored hues from peas’ size to pool balls as they swayed in the gentle breeze. Streamers mingle among the beads, fluttering in the wind. They struggle in vain, desperate attempts to escape the clutches of the branches which ensnared them.

Nomads wandered along the route, some seeking a spot, any patch of open ground they could call their own for the next several hours. Almost as many continue their migration, following the vendor’s passage’s signs – the buzzing of vuvuzela’s, glow bands, flags, and more. Nearly infinite in their variety, the wanderers’ pass. Costumes vary in degrees of thought, creativity and complexity entertain as they pass. For those who chose to wear them, they are out to see and be seen. The light breeze and mild chill clothed people in varying ways. Quilted jackets with shorts, t-shirts, and jeans, garments so sheer the wind and one’s gaze passes through with ease. Then, those bundled head to foot in coats and blankets create a warmth that does not exist for them.

The parades arrive. This Mardi Gras Day was grand and elegant, brilliant and beautiful. The sequined, brightly painted floats were colorful beacons of joy against a sky gone gray. A celebration of life, yet, as they pass, a subtle change comes over the crowd. Perhaps a predatory instinct from humanity’s past, the hunter gatherer’s senses, only cheap trinkets have become the prey.

Among these modern hunters, those few exist who could not be satisfied. Dragons hoarding their treasure could be more charitable. A shove here, a push there, no regard to age or infirmity, they cannot accept others gaining the sorely coveted objects of their desire. 

The majority, once sated, began to share. In the spirit of community, good people hunted for the smaller, weaker, or slower than themselves. Color, age, politics were not barriers; this day, people being inspired to connect during this king of festivals. The shared mood catalyzed these people to encourage one another, uplift each other and share the jubilant spirit.

In this rejection of instinct, a glimmer of civilization, winning out over predation, seeing acts of caring, sharing among a group – unrelated except being present to share joy leaves an ember of hope smoldering in the darkness.

People danced, played, and – for that day, at least, came together in community and camaraderie.

Be they Brown, Black, Yellow, or White, all of the people gathered that day sought an experience of joy and celebration. To watch the spectacle of costumed revelers atop the artfully crafted floats. All just for a few hours, putting aside the troubles of the world and their lives.

THIS is Mardi Gras.

As is this, one year has passed since I jotted the notes for this missive, and Mardi Gras is upon us. Little did we know then what awaited us in the days and weeks which followed. How many of those gaily dressed ambassadors of debauchery and self-indulgence would not see another Mardi Gras.

Though the streets are loudly silent with the absence of parades, Mardi Gras’s spirit lives on in its people. It is ingrained in the DNA of the residents.

People sought other ways to celebrate. One is the idea of “House Floats” which provided work to artists and skilled creatives decorating homes in the guise of parade floats. Drivers will roll slowly past these stationary parades.

Masks are still a part of Mardi Gras. The dazzling painted and feather masks have given way to face masks with a grimmer purpose. Many of these are decorated in fantastic designs and can uniquely represent the owner’s personality.

The ubiquitous King Cake, a famed symbol of Mardi Gras, is even more popular this year. And yes, Bourbon St has seen parties and crowds, even though the revelries this year can have consequences.

Merchants, bars, restaurants, and artists of all types are suffering. The crowds and tourists who provide a needed boost to the economy are missing.

People are struggling. South Louisiana is a culture that adapts, absorbs, and evolves its traditions. While we put on a brave face, smiling and laughing, it is a time when even a few bars of a Mardi Gras anthem are heard on the radio, such as “Mardi Gras Mambo,” can bring us to tears.  

There are people for whom Mardi Gras is a pointless holiday. Seen only as an excuse for public drunkenness, lewd displays, and chasing dollar store grade toys. I agree. There are people for whom that is all Mardi Gras represents. For the most part, they aren’t locals.

It is about families, friends, creating shared memories, and setting aside your burdens for a spell.This much I feel confident, Mardi Gras may be subdued this year, but Mardi Gras is happening.

Mardi Gras is more than parties, parades, and trinkets. It is about people. As long as our people retain that spirit, Mardi Gras will live on.

Thank you for reading,


Greetings from Shadow Lake

Greetings from Shadow Lake,

Hope your weekend has been a good one. I know mine has been good. On a personal front, the whole month has been good.

Let’s see, four short stories sold, first editing job of the year in progress, finished the review of returned edits and sent an anthology to the publisher, slow progress right now on the two novels and still have two books to review.

In the WWII novel, I am now writing it from the German side. At the end of this segment then all the players will be assembled. It’s about a third of the way through the story.  My long-suffering collaborator is looking forward to chapter 11. It’s a good thing when the screenwriter, knowing the story already, looks forward to what happens next.

“Tales of The Sleeping Hare” is somewhat at a standstill. I like being in a place where there is a lot to be done. It’s a matter of choosing priorities, which can be put aside the easiest.

Of my short stories, “The Dragon Wore a Badge” proves to be as fun to write as I thought it would. He’s ready to fly to his new home in Murkfort next. My original intent was to set this in the world of “Tales of The Sleeping Hare,” but the publisher didn’t want a “modern” setting. That world has a technology of 1920 -1930. Presto-chango, the technology is now crystal based and a fantasy-based government.  

One for a Detective or Defective themed anthology. This one, “The Corpse is the Key,” is submitted. I had a story from an anthology that fell through I was able to rework to fit.

One right up my alley is one for an anthology about the Lovecraftian Invasion. I don’t have a title yet for this one, but I’ll be telling it from the point of a hybrid during their transformation into a Deep One.

The last of the four is about Odd Powers. Superpowered beings are doing superhero things with oddball powers. Think maybe Mystery Men. The character in my story is called The Imaginator. The title and character are a result of a creative friend of mine. I was stuck for the character name and asked a friend’s son. Thanks to Nick, the character has a name, and he may be a consultant on the story.

In other life, there isn’t much to tell. The ducks have taken up occasional resting in my lawn. Rocket sits on the ledge. Sometimes he chitters at me, but he sits and stares at them when the ducks in the yard.

There are some new followers on the blog, which amazes me. Getting close to a thousand followers there.

Later this week, I’ll be posting some new releases from Pro Se.

Goodnight all, and thank you for reading.


Banana Pudding, Really?

Dr. Silas Von Rott smiled while putting the final touches on his automaton. “Yes,” he thought, “when laid out on the bed, it will look just like a real little boy.”

Carefully, he loaded banana pudding into the trap’s squirt gun. When that tooth fairy shifted the pillow to retrieve the tooth, the banana pudding would squirt from the fingers.

He called his manservant to bring the automaton. While walking to the room he had prepared, Dr. Von Rott rubbed his hands and chuckled.

“Tonight, Mordecai, I shall become powerful. I shall bait the pillow with this tooth I purchased. Ahh, a lad after my own heart he was, all I had to do was promise him a sweet. Knocking the tooth out of some other child and bringing it to me was his idea. Delightful child. Soon, I will have a tooth fairy’s wand. Do you realize what this means, Mordecai?”

Mordecai just shook his head; carrying the heavy automaton up the stairs took all his strength and concentration. Besides, whether he answered yes or no, he knew Dr. Von Rott would tell him anyway. The Doctor enjoyed expounding upon the cleverness of his ideas.

“No, of course, you don’t, Mordecai. A simple fellow such as you would never grasp the sublime simplicity of my genius.” Dr. Von Rott continued so swiftly Mordecai could not have answered even had he been so inclined. “As you know, when a child loses a tooth, the tooth fairy comes to collect it. They leave behind money for the tooth. Sometimes as much as a quid, and how do you think they carry it? No, I know you do not know. It is not in a wallet or purse. I can tell you that there isn’t one big enough. No, they use a wand to summon the money once the tooth has been collected. Now, once I have secured the wand, I can summon all the money I wish, enough to finally create my army of clanks armed with death rays with which I can take over and rule the world!”

Mordecai shook his head a lot as he placed the automaton as the Doctor instructed. His family had served the Doctor’s family for generations and this was in no way unusual behavior. Besides, the benefits were pretty good.

Automaton placed, Mordecai and the Doctor left the room. Mordecai went to his room to read while the good Doctor went to his study to determine how he would spend his soon-to-be immeasurable wealth.


Fang was so glad this was the last call. This night had been one of the roughest in memory. Screens, cats, and bug zappers – all of the troublesome things which make a tooth fairy’s job less than dreamy. One child this night even dared to attempt to capture him. Fortunately, it was only a mason jar and easy enough to flutter through. Fang just wished it had been a new jar. In the short time it took to exit, he had smelled enough pickles to last him years.

There were no screens on the windows for this house.  Fang fluttered through and stopped to look around the room. He did not see any teddy bears. Those guardians of childhood never bothered him, but he liked to say hello, just to be friendly. Something did not feel right.

With a shrug, he flew to the bed where a child lay fast asleep. Fang landed near the edge of the pillow. Taking just a moment to preen his whiskers and scratch his ear, he sniffed the air. Yes, there was a fresh tooth from a boy under the pillow, but there was an undercurrent of odors he did not like, banana pudding with a hint of grease. It seemed to come from the sleeping child. Perhaps the lad had simply had some banana pudding for dessert.

Slowly, with a bit of apprehension, Fang approached the pillow. He could see the tooth, just a little too far back for easy reach. The surprise came when he lifted the corner of the pillow.

A glob of banana pudding engulfed him. If not for the slight hiss as the air released, he would have been caught facing the pillow. The warning gave him a split second to turn slightly, or else he would not be able to react. The child’s mouth opened, springing a cage made of false teeth.

Dr. Von Rott had been daydreaming of giant clanks marching on London when the alarm sounded. The Queen was just about to give him the crown too! But more importantly, the tooth fairy trap had been sprung. He raced up the stairs to claim his prize.

Old tooth fairies do not become old tooth fairies without having learned to survive attacks such as these, so faster than thought as the false teeth sprang forward, Fang summoned up the unusual defense he learned early in his career, a shield of vanilla wafer. Bracing as best he could, the uppers broke as he knew they must, the impact throwing him clear of the banana pudding.

He was covered in the banana pudding. This was indeed a dastardly trap. Whoever set it knew banana pudding would prevent a fairy from using their dust. Naturally, fairy dust formed a cloud around the fairy, allowing them to fly and flutter through objects, but this sticky covering kept the cloud from forming. Those false teeth, he shuddered, were the one thing which a fairy could not flutter through. It had been a close call. Fang had one last trick up his sleeve, and it did not depend on fairy dust.

Footsteps were charging up the hall. Just as the door opened, Fang used his last trick. Even many fairies did not know why they had whiskers and rounded ears. In the once-upon-a-time days, people left their children’s teeth for his kind, until one day, such a tremendous amount of belief magic accumulated it turned the humble grey mice to tooth fairies. In times of great need, all tooth fairies could still take the form of a mouse.

Dr. Von Rott saw the banana pudding and broken cage on the bed. “Curses! Foiled again! And by a mouse!” he screamed as a pudding-covered mouse scurried along the sideboard.

Thank you for reading,




Lazarus Gray and his partners in adventure, Assistance Unlimited, became some of the greatest heroes of Sovereign City. As the whispers of a war, a world away begin, the team finds themselves in a conflict that defies comprehension in award-winning author Barry Reese’s latest volume from his own author imprint, Reese Unlimited!

THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME NINE continue as Lazarus Gray and his colleagues in Assistance Unlimited are embroiled in a war that defies description and challenges them to their limits and beyond. For some, the past will be confronted, fates will be decided, old relationships will be ended, and new ones are forged with unexpected allies……And the hope of the world depends on mortals who keep stride with the gods in Barry Reese’s THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME NINE!

Featuring a fantastic cover by George Sellas with logo design and print formatting by Sean Ali, THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME NINE is available in print for $9.99.

The ninth volume of one of New Pulp’s greatest heroes will be available for the Kindle in the coming days.

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.Thank you for reading,