Zombie Island


Everyone’s dying to get to the islands…and even coming back from the dead…in author Wayne Carey’s ZOMBIE ISLAND, now available in print and digital formats from Pro Se Productions.

San Bernardo is a tropical paradise nestled in the blue waters of the Caribbean. Except that Sean, Bear, and Kira Hillstrand are vacationing on the island involuntarily. When young Carla Mendoza is attacked by a creature that looks like it just crawled out of a grave, the three Hillstrands jump at the chance to investigate.

While exploring the jungle, they stumble upon a body and witness a disfigured person captured by military personnel. The island’s world-famous Spinosa Clinic is the center of activity, with the visit of a South American general and military crawling all over the exclusive grounds. Experiments are going on, a strange virus is being developed with disastrous results, but the Hillstrands discover something more terrifying, more dangerous than an island overrun with zombies, with Sean, Bear, and Kira the only ones who can stop it.

ZOMBIE ISLAND by Wayne Carey. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a spooky cover by Larry Nadolsky and logo design and print formatting by Antonino lo Iaocono, ZOMBIE ISLAND is available for 11.99 on Amazon.

Carey’s horror adventure novel is also available on Kindle formatted by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina for $0.99 for a limited time Kindle Unlimited Members can read this thrilling adventure for free!

PUBLISHER’S NOTE-As of 2/20/22, two reviews are attached to this book, dating from 2015. These are not reviews of this novel and have been reported to Amazon.

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