Giddy and Euphoric


Sean Taylor wants to be a time machine.

Sean Taylor believes redemptive stories still matter.

Sean Taylor knows that Ray Bradbury lives forever.

Don’t believe us? Then this book is for you. GIDDY AND EUPHORIC, now available from Pro Se Productions and its nonfiction PULPSTUDIES imprint, collects the essays of author and comic book writer Sean Taylor. In these pages, Sean shares his thoughts on subjects across the board, including his love for Ray Bradbury, why diversity is important to artists, and even the right way to become a short story reader!

“I’ll sum it up as simply as I can: you’re going to care. That’s what Sean does with his characters and the stories they inhabit. He makes you care.”

Erik Burnham, Ghostbusters

“Once you’re done reading, you’ll know you read a well-crafted, fully rounded piece of work.”

Dan Jurgens, The Death of Superman

Featuring a cover by the author and print formatting by Antonino lo Iaocono, GIDDY AND EUPHORIC is available for 11.99 via Amazon.   

Formatted by Antonino lo Iaocono and Marzia Marina, Taylor’s stellar collection of essays and insights is available on Kindle for only 99 cents. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!

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