Beltane falls about halfway between the spring equinox, Ostara, and the coming summer solstice, Litha. The holiday celebrates spring at its peak, and the coming summer. Beltane also sometimes goes by the name May Day.┬áThis is a poem dedicated to those who remember older ways…

Stars fill the heavens,

Like pale corn in fresh soil.

Promising light from darkness,

Warmth springs from the cold.

A honey haired nymph,

Perfumed by rosy spring.

Fertile, as she cherishes

All of creation.

He is Cerunnos.

As the hunting master

Prowls among the ancient oaks

The rite is pure joy.

From oak to hawthorn,

She leads a merry chase.

He breathes her heady scent

To drink from her spring.

To jump the Bel Fire

The nymph bounds in delight,

Now a young queen in flower

Where two, now count three.

Night of passions deep,

The hunter and hunted,

Rabbit and Bear, birth the stars

A new day dawns bright.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Thank you for reading,



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