From the mind of David J. Foster and the pens of Wendy Harrison, Ed Teja, E. W. Farnsworth, and James Hopwood explodes intrigue and espionage in CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’. From Pro Se Productions.

1961: Charley McKenna has a dirty job. She works for ‘the Company’ and she’s just been promoted to Head of Station in West Berlin. Dropped into heart of the Cold War, Charley finds herself working on a knives edge as tensions between he East and West reach an all-time high.

Pro Se Productions presents four new tales of Cold War espionage as Charley McKenna and her team of crack operatives fight to stave off universal Armageddon. The stories in CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’ take you beyond the Iron Curtain, back to a time when the great game was for real, and the stakes were astronomical.

Featuring complete design from cover to logo to print formatting by David J. Foster, CHECKPOINT ‘CHARLEY’ is available in print from Amazon for $9.99.

Also formatted by Foster, this innovative historical espionage anthology is available in Kindle and only for 99 Cents for a limited time. Kindle Unlimited Members read for FREE!

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Amazon Review – Case of The Defective Detective

A review of my latest release from Pro Se Productions. You can check it out and buy the book or get it on Kindle Unlimited.

Awhile back I did a review of a pair of pulp collections from Popular Press: The Defective Detective in the Pulps (1983) and its followup.

Those two volumes reprinted various “defective detectives,” detectives with some physical disability: blindness, deafness, lameness, and the like. Almost all these characters appeared in Popular Publications’ Dime Mystery Magazine.

It was puzzling why no one seemed to have picked up on this by creating new “defective detective” stories. Until now.

From Pro Se Press recently is a thin volume with three short stories, The Case of the Defective Detective, from three different authors.

From Ernest Russell, we have a former police detective with a horribly scarred face, who is still kept on the payroll to solve crimes. He is aided by the fiancé of his murdered partner and a police sergeant. You’ll learn how that all came to be, as he looks into a case that appears to be a simple heart attack but is much more.

Then Gordan Dymowski gives us another former police detective, this one nearly crimpled by a car accident that killed his family and by diabetes. He is aided by a policeman who attends AA. They are given a case of the son of a slain FBI agent. The son committed suicide by his own gun in front of witnesses. But his mother thinks it’s something else. Is it?

Finally, Gavin Matthew gives us a very different detective. One who is a homeless man in Harlem, dealing with mental issues and maybe psychotropic drugs. He is working to help a mother find her kidnapped daughter when no one else will. Can he succeed or will his “defect” get the best of him?

Overall, this is a nice, if small, collection from Pro Se Press. I thought the first two where a little too similiar in that both were pretty much confided to their homes, with their associates doing the legwork.

I hope this book will lead to more as the number of such detectives in the old pulps should give a lot of inspiration to new authors. Check it out yourself, and get the original collections as well. – Michael R. Brown

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Not every hero is invulnerable or infallible, especially detectives. Men and women that make a living solving mysteries often can’t overcome their own riddles.

 But, sometimes, what many see as weakness may be the only strength needed to uncover a crime – or survive. That is, if a detective’s issue, the ‘defect’ which haunts them, doesn’t push them across the line no one should ever cross…

 THE CASE OF THE DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE features original investigators by three of New Pulp’s best authors taking on mysteries while battling endlessly against their personal demons. Ernest Russell, Gavin Matthews, and Gordon Dymowski ask the question readers are left to answer with these three stunning short stories: Detective or Defective?

 Featuring an atmospheric cover by artist Rick Johnson with print formatting and logo design by Cookie Morris, THE CASE OF THE DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE is available for 7.99 via Amazon.

 This unique mystery anthology is also formatted by Morris as an eBook for only 99 cents for a limited time from Amazon. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!

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