It’s a wrap! CoastCon 43


Leaving a convention is often difficult, and CoastCon 43 this past weekend was no exception. As a presenter, a responsive audience is what makes it fun. When you can share your passions with a room full of people, and they respond in kind is quite a rush. Fans are the soul of a convention, and the CoastCon members were great this weekend.
Not sure if I could list or tag everyone, just know, getting to spend time with people I rarely see is always enjoyed. You are a part of my extended family. I want to leave you all with just one concept from the debate among a panel of friends – Chipmunk Dragons.
A convention is a great deal of work and can eat up a lot of your life. The team running CoastCon is always professional. Thank you, Unity and Paula, for the honor of being asked to step in to host the opening ceremonies. Being at CoastCon, much less being a guest is always a highlight of my year. You ran a fun convention. Working with everyone associated with this convention is always an enjoyable experience.
A special note of thanks to Gabby. Both for her work in the Dealers Room and for being there with me as we worked our way through the opening ceremonies together. Your help and support were deeply appreciated.
Every convention I try to learn something new, a technique, a way to make being a vendor a little easier, many are the lessons I have learned. This year’s lesson? I can indeed do almost anything I could in my 20’s, but it takes a lot longer to recover. Take the Monday after a convention off from work.

Thank you for reading,



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