True Name


Our lives are glass
Painted in the blood
Of our brothers and sisters.
Shattering of hearts unheard,
Unseen continues
As the stones
Of our difference
are thrown.

Mementos’ gathered in haste
Memories of what was,
What could have been.
Lost in the darkness,
The true price of war.

Hell is what this sour land will be
As Death walks among us.
Stirring this crucible of religion
In madness and blasphemy.

In a hurricane of hate
A million shouted destinies destroyed.
A ghost smile clenched in her teeth,
The babe seeks comfort still
From the teat of mothers rotting corpse.

Truth comes only
From mute words of the innocent,
As they wash upon the shore.
May they forgive us,
As they sleep in deadly peace.

Tired, cold, I am descending
Into the silence of emptiness
I close my eyes.
What will you see
when I close my eyes forever?

For as the Angel of Death
Walks among you
Know his true name-

Thank you for reading,

Ernest Russell

(image from pixabay)


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