Lonely Midnights



To glide above mountains
Sharing lonely midnight,
As the moon moans softly,
Through churning clouds of ash and soot.
Boldly through the light
– another city, far, far away.
A chance to find my dreams,
Live in worlds of my design.

Dreams- yes, need to find my dreams.
Brush away cobwebs of faded memories
-seeking jewels among nuggets of cynicism –
If I need it.
All my energy for now
To pour myself into Moving.

Moving day –
Sword of Damocles creeping up on me.
A future is narrow, wide and deep.
Crossing into it with fear and excitement and –
All the feels I tell you.

All of them.
It is a step in the right direction,
Over the cliff of time.
Into the future we go,
A chance to live-
Live happily ever after as I’m falling.

Thank you for reading,


(image from pixabay)


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