Its a start…

The majority of my weekend has been spent packing. We just did this just over a year ago, so where did all this new stuff come from? Stuff, it really does multiply. In the midst of it all I have managed to get a start on a new book. Will be the same character as my last one.

“The sidewalk, which in a few short hours will bustle with the life pulse of the neighborhood is quiet now. The concrete oblivious to whether it is midday or midnight. The few scuffling this time of day, the strugglers for whom every waking minute is spent to pay the rent and buy food. Until this morning.

Deep in the belly in the earth, a terrible rumble rose along the street. People fell to their knees, clutching their ears as the pressure built. Three stories of a brick tenement collapsed on the corner a choking cloud of dust flushing the street. Crumbled into its own foundation, trapping the occupants to a grisly, crushing death.

For perhaps a split second there was silence, from the dust, anguished cries arose as the shock gave way to realization of the tragedy.”

Thank you for reading,




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