Four Enemies

Die the little death my child.

Fear it not.

It is the journey,

A path,

Between tomorrows.

 Laugh, scream and cry

But follow the path.

Any path with heart is worth following.


But the path with heart,

Travel its length.

For this is the only challenge worthwhile.


Meet your enemies.


Prowling, waiting,


Concealed in rhetoric and drivel.

Its sword of ignorance

Is sharp.


Take the next step,

The path is before you.

Abandon yourself to it.

Reach for the light of clarity,

which drives all fear back…

and is the next enemy.


Clarity dispels the fear,

Blinding while concealing nothing.

Brings assurance all is possible…

While you

Do nothing.


Patience when you should rush,

Buoyant warrior,

Or clown,

No longer to yearn;

No longer to learn.


Measure your steps now.


Almost to believing

It is all a mistake.

The moment will come

Of suspended understanding.

Clarity is only a point

Between your eyes.

It will be true power…



The strongest enemy.

You command,

Take calculated risks.

Rule all.

You are the master.

Power is subtle,

Easy to give in,

Then suddenly,

Without knowing,

The enemy closes.


Cruelty, capriciousness set in.

A packmule,

Power is now your burden.

Such have no command of themselves,

With no say in how or when to use this burden.


Despair not.

Defy it.

Keep on the path.

Handle all carefully.


Clarity and power without control

Are worse than all mistakes.

Time will allow

Realization it is never really yours…


Time the cruelest enemy.

Unable to defeat it

Only fight it away.

Bringing the unyielding desire

To rest.

Soothingly to lie down,

Rest, forget,

Be cut down,

Remnants of life leaking

From the feeble creature.

 The end of the path is near,

Slough off tiredness,

Walk your fate thru,

If only for a brief moment you succeed

That moment will be enough.



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