Inspiration for Winter Tales

Where do inspirations come from?

Began thinking about this question with a story I recently finished. Winter Tales, my second story squarely in historical fiction. The first was Ned Land vs. The Kraken Cult. Much more fiction but so much about the history of whaling and some of the locations it crosses into historical.

The answer really depends on who is answering your question. Everyone I have spoken too, artists, authors and musicians, all have different sources. For many no two creations were inspired by the same source. A few can tap the same well time and time again. This is a broad topic, one I certain to visit again in more detail.

No secret I am a history buff, and as a result I follow various sites and magazines. Fictional stories about Vikings are popular right now. Especially stories about the raiding which we have come to associate with the word, Viking.

Once, people pictured a painting of the first documented raid on Lindisfarne or maybe Hagar the Horrible when you mentioned Viking. Today, people are more likely to know the show popularized on The History Channel. None of the three are really telling the whole story. indeed, as I researched this story there are so many elements of life not mentioned in the Eddas or supported by archeology.

I wanted to write something other than the usual pillaging and plundering. The Norse peoples were great explorers and traders. Oh yes, life was more pragmatic for them and a merchant crew could defend themselves or conduct a raid. Some days it depended on which course was more profitable. A Viking merchant would give a Ferengi a run for his money.

Which brings me to my inspiration for the story. I hope when it is published that you will read it and the other fine stories in the anthology. As of this writing, I do not have a date or even estimate yet, but I promise I will let you know as soon as I do.

Here is the article which inspired it:(if the link does not work, please copy and paste it)



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