Well, here goes…(update)

Fingers crossed. I just resubmitted a pitch for a short story and threw in a pitch for a pocket digest. Now to finish preparing for guests and start writing.


Heard back from my publisher today. Tempered good news. The second pitch for the short story is accepted and it was much better than the original. I was instructed the proposal at least still light on the Pulp feel being sought so I need to step that up. Pretty sure I can pulp it out a bit.

And exciting, to me, is my publisher agreed, once I write it, to look at a 25,000-30,000 pocket novel and perhaps consider it. No commitments here except the promise to look at it. It will be my first shot at a stand alone. Accepted or not, this will be a great learning experience for me in my writing. I have hot 15,000 to 17,000 words just getting out a 10,000ish word story. I’ll be shooting for two to three times my usual length. And I know from experience already, my publisher will tell me straight up what works and what does not. So here goes!


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