a productive day

1500 words on the pulp novel so far this afternoon. That’s 5000 total so far. Thought I earned a break and took a walk to clear the cobwebs.

A little concerned about the story pacing, but I am used to writing 10-16k. I’d be almost halfway through, I just let it go where it needs and deal with pacing issues in rewrite.

At least I feel I have passed my hesitation about not knowing the character in his original story. Everything I know is from just a few sketchy blog reviews. The good thing is in losing the hesitancy he is really coming to life for me.



Only another 600 words this evening. Heading to bed now. the story is flowing but the fingers are not, neither are the eyelids. Target later today is another 1500-2000 words.

Thanks for reading,



And the plates are still flying – mostly

I am still alive! Life has been a constant juggling act.

Have a pulp novel due end of June 30,000 words more details as I am able to release them. Really excited and a little nervous because of the tight deadline.

Working on Flash pieces for an art book by a very talented artist.  500 or so words each 7 down, with up 8 to go, for now. very possible I’ll be doing more of them. I’ll give details soon a I can. They have been fun to write.

Preparing to move to another state soon.

And 2 cataract surgery in June.

Then there is the corporate gig. and the pesky sleep thing.

My intent in starting this blog was to ensure I wrote daily. Writing daily is not an issue, I kind of have to as survival right now. 🙂

Though I will have news coming on when new books with stories by me come out. Once they are announced at the publisher. Between now and end of year have four scheduled though actual mileage may vary because of any number of reasons. Titles and dates will be given once the publisher has put them out.

Planning on a Flash Friday Story later.

Thank you for reading and hanging in there.