Novel update!

Wow, that was close. No one knew if that plane could survive that dive including the designer. With a layover in London while the plane is checked for damage and needed repairs, I hope everyone gets a good night’s sleep. If they can stop wondering who was shooting at them.

Today was kind of unfocused, writing in bits and spurts. Still got 2000 words in and 4400 for Saturday and Sunday. Past the 10000 word mark and all of the main characters have been introduced. Hmm, are you wondering what will happen next intrepid reader? That’s ok. So am I.

Hi-Ho to meet this deadline I have to go

Morning tasks and routine done. Time to crank out some words. When last we left our stalwart hero he was investigating a fire at the library. The same library he had sought information from earlier. Could there be a connection or is this just 5th column anarchy? Stayed tuned intrepid reader.

Update to follow???

Thanks for reading!




2500 words today. The hero is hot on the trail of the mysterious McGuffin, but he is not the only one. Others have contacted the museum as well. Is this a race to a fabulous treasure or a rescue on the nick of time?

Stay tuned Intrepid readers, the adventure is building as we approach the one third point of the novel.

a productive day

1500 words on the pulp novel so far this afternoon. That’s 5000 total so far. Thought I earned a break and took a walk to clear the cobwebs.

A little concerned about the story pacing, but I am used to writing 10-16k. I’d be almost halfway through, I just let it go where it needs and deal with pacing issues in rewrite.

At least I feel I have passed my hesitation about not knowing the character in his original story. Everything I know is from just a few sketchy blog reviews. The good thing is in losing the hesitancy he is really coming to life for me.



Only another 600 words this evening. Heading to bed now. the story is flowing but the fingers are not, neither are the eyelids. Target later today is another 1500-2000 words.

Thanks for reading,