Reader Appreciation

I see it has been longer than realized since last expressed appreciation for your reading and following my blog.

There are an incredible number of choices and you chose to follow my blog. It is exciting and touches me that you do.

To those who have continued to follow me and those of you below, Thank You for reading and following my blog.

Jack Binding
Ed A. Murray
Flash 365
Neil Dinsmore
social underground
Frank Morelli
Kelsey Stone

Thank you for reading,



Thank you for following When My Worlds Collide

Thank You for reading my blog. There are an incredible number of choices and you chose to follow my blog as one of yours.

Five more have joined in following me. My warmest welcome to the following:

Ricardo Sexton
Dr. Joseph Suglia


I appreciate your reading and I look forward to reading more from each of you. From reviewing your sites I can see I have a lot to learn, both from you as artists and from presentation of my own site.

Thank you for reading,


New People Following “When My Worlds Collide!”


It is exciting to put part of yourself and passions out for public view and receive positive responses.

Still new enough, ( and small enough) I can say thank you directly.

I appreciate DirtySciFiBuddha and wildsoundreviewfollowing the page, looking forward to reading and following them as well.

Thank you for the great comments to Tetiana Aleksina. Hoping you continue to enjoy my musings.

It has been a busy week. the schedule at my corporate job has changed with the result I will have more time for writing but I have not adjusted to the 10 hour days yet. It will come. Write it and they will come. Not quite paraphrasing but you get the idea.

Heading to bed soon. plans for tomorrow, begin writing the weird jazz story and think I am going to try something out here. Everyone has heard of hump day, throwback Thursday, etc. Here, we are going to start having Flash Friday. Every Friday I will post a piece of flash fiction, a story from 500 to a 1000 words.

Thanks again for the follows and the comments. They are appreciated.