Pro Se Productions, a publisher of cutting-edge Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces an open call for submissions to the first volume of what the company hopes to be a multivolume concept. Pro Se will now accept Short story proposals for STANDOFF: COPS AND ROBBERS.

Conflict is at the heart of any good genre story. Two sides, each with their own goals, their desires, their tactics, but both with a shared focus-to beat the other side. Often, however, it’s not simply about winners or losers. Sometimes foes are evenly matched. They find themselves at a deadly impasse, unable to move forward or even escape with their lives unless someone makes a big move and takes perhaps the biggest risk of all to end the STANDOFF.

STANDOFF: COPS AND ROBBERS will feature stories about men and women on both sides of the law finding themselves in situations that seem unwinnable, standing toe to toe with their enemies, and finding themselves trapped in what appears to be a no-win scenario. Some will overcome, some will lose, and even some will all die. Every tale will be filled with pulp pounding action, intrigue, and guns blazing adventure.

Proposals for STANDOFF: COPS AND ROBBERS must include a deadlock situation between members of law enforcement and the outlaws and criminals they pursue. Stories can be set in any time period up to the modern day (No stories set in the future). These must be ‘real world’ stories, no elements of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, or other such genres. Payment will be royalty based.

All interested authors should write detailed proposals for a single 10,000-word story and submit them to If the proposal is accepted, the story will be due within 90 days of acceptance. With that being said, the volume WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED FOR EDITING OR SCHEDULED FOR PUBLISHING until the volume is full based on the number of accepted proposals, not completed stories.

Contact Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, at with any questions.

STANDOFF: COPS AND ROBBERS will feature a fantastic cover by artist Adam Shaw.

For more information on Pro Se Productions, please check our website. To keep up with the latest news, submissions calls and new releases like Pro Se on Facebook.

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