The Blood Red Ruby: Voodoo Rumors 1951- A short book review

Alan Lewis knows the tropes and plays them well in this story of redemption. Follow this hero’s journey from bank robber to PI. Thomas Dietrich prowls the streets of Nashville. Discover how his crooked path was straightened in this Pulp Noir romp through Fantasy and Southern Gothic glamour.  Fast-paced and well-conceived, this is a good read.  Alan Lewis’s flair for description will keep you turning the page.


It was a typical February night in 1951 when she stepped into one of Nashville’s many dives and into my life. The blonde asked for my story, wanting to know what had me drinking. She had no idea it was the same thing that had me working at nights, hunting down the monsters that stalk the back alleys of my city.
Back in ’31, the job was just supposed to be another bank heist – in, then out, then we’d be rich. But along with the money, we found that cursed ruby, and nothing was the same again. I’d thought about that gem every night for years, but now, in this bar with this dame looking at me all innocent and beautiful, I told her my tale.
And that’s when our story began.

Find it on Amazon for Kindle $.99, Print $7.99 or Audiobook for $5.99.

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