Considered the Golden age of entertainment in several mediums, the 1920s-1950s gave rise to a plethora of characters who, for whatever reason, have fallen into the Public Domain and, in many cases, have been nearly forgotten. As a part of its continuing goal to bring new life and new readers to these characters, Pro Se Productions announces an open call for submissions to THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MR. RISK!

Originally published in various comic titles, Mr. Risk is literally the Man Born Without Fear. Incapable of feeling terror, Mr. Risk turned this unique trait into an even more original career. More than just a typical private detective, Risk only takes on cases that have him assume his namesake, the risk that another person faces. A simple murder is not enough to draw his attention, but a murder that puts his life or freedom at stake instead of someone else’s is his cup of danger. Although many of his cases seem to have supernatural twists, they all have very human sources going to incredible extremes for their evil goals and Risk, with his companion Abdul, literally gambles with his life to stop them.

Writers interested in submitting to THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MR. RISK may request a bible from Pro Se’s Editor in Chief, featuring material provided by Gwandanaland Comics, a publisher of public domain reprints of obscure and rarely seen characters.

Risk’s companion, Abdul, appears in some of the stories throughout the character’s run, but inexplicably does not appear in others. Abdul definitely has potential to carry his own stories. To explain and take advantage of this, Pro Se Productions is seeking two types of stories. Writers may propose a single 10,000 word story featuring Mr. Risk and Abdul, or they may submit TWO stories totaling ten thousand words, a six-to-seven thousand word tale featuring Risk solo and a ‘back up’ three to four thousand word story featuring Abdul on a solo adventure. Regardless, the stories must be set in the 1940s or 1950s.

All interested authors should submit proposals for a 10,000 word work, within the two options outlined above, to If accepted, the story will be due within 90 days of acceptance. The volume WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED FOR EDITING OR SCHEDULED FOR PUBLISHING until the volume is full based on number of accepted proposals, not completed stories.

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to our webpage for more information on this and other open calls. Like Pro Se on Facebook to follow the latest news and happenings.

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