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In the last several years, the paranormal and powers beyond humanity have worked their way into multiple genres, from westerns to mysteries to romance and more. Occult adventurers populate movies, television shows, and books more and more, ranging from the Winchester Brothers to Indiana Jones to Dr. Strange, to name a few.

These types usually have one of two goals-to save the world from magic or to keep all that is mystical safe. Pro Se Productions announces an open submissions call for an anthology focused on introducing new occult adventurers to readers, each one thrust into either protecting or destroying magic. THE MURDER OF MAGIC is now open for proposals.

THE MURDER OF MAGIC is an anthology focused on never before published occult adventurers making their debut in this collection. The only requirements for the stories is that the lead character must be an adventurer of some sort involved in occult situations and the central part of the story must be about someone or something attempting to destroy magic or magical beings on a massive level. The lead character can either be the one attempting to save magic or the one attempting to destroy it. Stories can be set in any time period as long as those three perquisites are met.

All interested authors should submit proposals for a single 10,000 word story to If accepted, the story will be do within 90 days of acceptance. The volume WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED FOR EDITING OR SCHEDULED FOR PUBLISHING until the volume is full based on number accepted proposals, not completed stories.

Again, this anthology is open only for stories focused on newly created/never before published occult adventurers.

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, and other Open Calls visit our website. Like Pro Se on Facebook to follow all the latest news and happenings.

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