CONtraflow 2019 Nov. 15-17 Update

Hey Everybody!

Received my panel schedule for CONtraflow IX  coming up on Nov. 15-17. Here is a list and summary of the panels I know will be moderating or presenting. As always, schedules can fluctuate. Hope I’ll see you there!

ContraFlow 2019 Panel Schedules
Ernest Russell


Self-Promotion on Social Media
Friday, 8pm, Panel Room 3

Self-promotion is difficult for many of us. Yet in today’s markets more and more of the promotional burden is shifting to the author/artist. It is hard to strike a balance between work, creating, promotion and living is difficult at best.
Social media manager apps are not the focus here. I have attended promotion on social media panels and that is all that was discussed. The time it takes to do it and how to maximize the bang for your buck.
Those panels never really addressed what TO DO with or on your social media accounts. That is why I put this panel together. Regardless of what sites you are on, what programs you use or how much time you spend on it; what can you do to maintain interest and build an audience?


The Age of Lovecraft
Saturday, 5pm, Event Two

Co-moderated with Joslyn Delfreya a.k.a Jenna Pilley

Lovecraft is one of those authors who many people have heard of, but few seem to have read. Over the last century his extensive influence can be found everywhere – from graphic novel and comic book appearances, popular role-playing and board games to Swiss surrealist paintings, and heavy metal music and more. The legacy of Lovecraft’s mythos has been revived, and since his quiet death in 1937, his legacy — once impoverished and unrecognized — has flourished. So when exactly is (or was) the age of Lovecraft? And if it’s now, then why?

Tropes – Good, Bad or Ugly
Sunday, 11am, Event Two

Every writer wants to craft a uniquely original story, and we all know how important it is to avoid clichés. Every fan wants to read or watch and find new things to be excited – But there’s also something to be said for the comfort of familiarity. Tropes are handy tools to communicate a situation. Most of the time, people want something “like this, but different.” When they say that, what they’re actually saying is they want a new take on their favorite tropes, whether its fairytale retellings or the boy next door or a classic whodunit. What makes a trope good, bad or ugly for you?

What is Decadence and Why do we still love it?
Sunday, 1pm, Panel Room 1

Co-moderated with Kimberly Richardson

Decadence, the word is defined as a moral or cultural decline which is characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury. Join us for a discussion of Decadence Movement of the late 19th-early 20th century which rippled through art, literature and music.

Thanks for reading,

Ernest Russell

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