Leaving a convention is often difficult, and CyPhaCon 2019 this weekend was no exception. As a presenter, a responsive audience is what makes it fun. When can share your passions with a room full of people and they respond in kind is quite a rush. Fans are the soul of a convention and the CyPhaCon fans were great this weekend.
It was great seeing friends and making new ones. Frank Schiavo, Dave David Ducorbier and his sidekick Brian Held Jr , Don Cooper, Derec Donovan, Chris Hayes and many more. Happily met were Sherry Melancon, Michael Hinton, Michael Moreau, Randolph Allen, and Paul Honsinger. If I missed anybody please accept my apologies.
A convention is a great deal of work and can eat up a lot of your life. The team running CyPhaCon did it well. I appreciate their bringing me in as a guest and all the communication from the staff with whom I had contact. Hats off to Garrett Manuel – Guest Relations Director, John Juhala – Table- top Gaming Coordinator, Sven Brooks – Vendor Coordinator, and Michael Hinton – Programming Coordinator. You ran a fun convention and in working with you would happily be a CyPhaCon guest anytime.
A special note of thanks to a young lady whose last name I do not know, Emily, your services of running food and drink for the vendors was deeply appreciated.



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