Life Updates

Life is flowing well.

The new job is proceeding apace. Been there a month now and have progressed from training to working on my own. Ending time varies a bit depending on the number of customers but is a solid and enjoyable flow. We got out early enough tonight I could have some time to write a note and say hello.

I’m still riding the high from CoastCon 42. Personally, and for Pro Se, felt great opening a new convention for the publisher and taking part in the convention as a guest. Missed going to Midsouth Con in Memphis this past weekend but have seen some great posts from friends who had a good time.

All of it is making me look forward to CyPhaCon in April.

There is still at least one items owed to a couple of people from CoastCon. Notes from one of my panels, I need to arrange them more coherently for someone who does not live inside my head.

Travelled to New Orleans with friends to a large book sale this weekend. Picked up a variety of reference materials. A few, like Flights of Passage and Shinano!,  I look forward to reading, others are going to be fun to peruse at leisure or reference as needed.


So, off now to shine a light in dark places. We have some light bulbs out and need replacing. Just doesn’t sound as much fun that way.

Thank you for reading my ramble and hope your days are going well.



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