Nope, still here. Not getting rid of me that easily. :)

The last month and a half have been roller coasters. If anyone out there still follows this page, thanks for your patience.

The time has been productive. Turned in about ten flash pieces for about 5000 words total. I have reached out to see if more are needed for that particular project.

Really exciting to me is turning in my first book. A short one, not quite 34,000 words but it is submitted and has the potential to become a series of high adventure pulp novels. I’m really excited about it. Two Beta readers have given it a solid thumbs up. Looking forward to hearing back from the publisher. From previous discussion, should be published May/June 2018.

The next story in the series is already kicking around and I have begun some preliminary research. The last story involved the Philosophers Stone, the next will feature the art of telegeodynamics. A theory patented by Nikola Tesla. Appropriately 1930s pulpish mad science. More as it develops.

It is really weird right now just being able to see. I underwent eye surgery for cataracts and my vision is finally stabilizing. I have worn glasses since I was in second grade. Not wearing them now is a constant amazement. Took about two weeks after the second surgery before I realized one of the odd things were perceptually strange. There was no longer a dark rim around everything I viewed. No longer did I view the world through lenses set in dark frames.

One of the best moments in Post op visit after the second surgery. My partner is in the room with me and the ophthalmologist kind of winks at me then proceeds to say, “You really need to stay within the weight and movement restrictions I outlined or your eyeballs may explode.”

We both looked at my partner and she was giving a great impression of The Scream, or McCauley Culkin – Home Alone poster, which is still open for debate. The ophthalmologist went on the explain they wouldn’t really explode but I could develop a type of hemorrhage which could cause blindness. In that moment though I really appreciated the humor.

Our move to Baton Rouge has moved up. Now scheduled for September 8th. So the job hunt will begin in earnest now. I have begun looking at some work from home jobs. Flex jobs and Amazon Mechanical Turk. I have not splurged for the subscription to Flex jobs yet. AMT well, you start small and do not “qualify” for higher paying jobs until you have completed  a quantity. So far easy, spend a little time each day now in hopes by the time of the move can qualify for the $5-$10+ jobs.

That’s really all the news fit to print as they say. Until next time.

Thank you for reading,



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