Lessons in Life – My life anyway.

I am entering a period of my life with a lot of change.

One thing being a writer does to us all, we examine ourselves. Discovering our fears, finding our strengths, and we pour all the attributes which makes us human into the mold of our characters. Then we share it. Sometimes through our characters, sometimes we just overshare. >grin<

Yes, writers are students of the human condition. I watch everyone. Listen for reactions during conversation. The next booth in more than one restaurant has provided inspiration. Might be a poem, a story, or a character. Watch newsfeeds on FB and Twitter, listen to old radio shows and read. Read a lot. People are infinitely fascinating. Real life or fictional.

For me as a writer, they all have one thing in common. They are only the reflections of what someone else wants me to see. The only person we can truly know, is ourselves.

I’ll be having cataract surgery on both eyes soon. This is a major step in my life and it alone has awakened some anxieties and fears I did not realize were so strong.

Moving, for the first time since the army I am making a move in a few months which I am not initiating. Its an odd realization. The reason is great, my partner has a new job and everything sounds fantastic. There are so many benefits. But I have very little control. This is not a bad thing, just an odd feeling, the realization of a difference in my role.

A pitch for my first novel was accepted. I have several short stories and poems under my belt. Looking forward to the stretch on the novel but a little anxiety there too.

A lot of changes, and while there are anxieties, there is also hope. I am looking forward to the coming challenges. It interesting to see how I pour this knowledge into upcoming characters.

The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself and then share it.

Thanks for reading,



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