Muttering of Norns

O heart drenched in sorrow,

O wreckage of a fallen love.

Pitiless and fearsome,

The Norns mutter over this soul.

Where deep love, as life, has perished.


Treading currents of emotion,

From deepest shadow, I hear

The mutterings of the Norn.


Tracing first

Ascent from chaos,

Watching the spark

Fanned into flame.

Listen as it gathers about

The elements of life upon this plane,

Becoming a creature

Of blood and dust.


Dust and blood become the water of life,

As the cycle is continued

The plane we call our universe recedes

As it is born in dusty glory.


Beginning at the height of glory,

Thoughts drift by in a montage of light.

Some touch me,

Add to my being

And I grow.

Others pass

With hardly a second glance.

What they were I may never know.



In the strange ecstasy

Called life.

Experiencing all ,

Bright and well travelled,

Striving to explore the dark unknown..

Blazing paths

For others to follow.


Reaching beyond the bounds,

Touching another,

Grasping that which is beyond


Soaring to depths hither unplumbed

As flames of passion

Fill all horizons.


The wheel spins,

Cycles turn,

That which grew,

And flowered,

Begins to drop petals.


Sorrows shared,

Ties which bind.

Joys remembered

As each fragment screams

Toward its final end.


With each passing petal

The abyss opens,

Earth swallowing maw,

Life destroying…

Soul Crusher,

invites deeper visitation.


In a moment of frailty,

Which is great strength,

Lashing out in love and anger.

Try to stop the descent

Into the maelstrom.

Burning out the life

It cannot keep.


Leaving behind

Only this ruin,

Of a dried, withered, husk.

Where deep love, as life, has perished.

Pitiless and fearsome,

The Norns mutter over this soul.




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