Flash Friday

It was always a pleasure browsing the library; Professor Barremon kept it well stocked in the latest information on all manner of subjects. If only there was some way to access this store of knowledge through the aether. But that was a thought for another day. As I replaced “Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire”, by Sadi Carnot in its place on the shelf one of Prof. Barremons interns skidded into the room.

“It’s huge! Where’s the Professor?” he breathlessly exclaimed. “In his study, I believe. Why?” I queried as over his shoulder came “Meteor!”

Professor Barremon was a leading astronomer and occultist, so there were almost always 2-4 interns underfoot around the mansion. I had to know what caused such excitement. Following I came into the study a few moments behind the intern to hear, “..and that’s it Professor. I ran the calculations 3 times and Nick checked them too. It’s headed right for us!” “Hmmm,” handing back the clipboard. “ your figures appear correct Jaymie, but the sky isn’t falling, at least not just yet.” Noticing me as I bent down to scratch Merlin behind the ears, “Ah, Duncan, how is the double helix boiler coming? Cracked the heat problem yet? Young Jayme here was just informing me of the worlds impending doom. Can you believe that?”

Laughing, “Can’t be any worse than the last couple of times Prof., if that cult business down in New Orleans didn’t do it not sure anything could. Byron still have the tentacle piece in his trophies, right? Whatever that monster was if it had come through that gateway, would have been all over. So how much time have we got?”

“By these figures, about 11 months I’d say.”, “Heck Prof, 11 months? With our circle of friends if we cannot figure out and take care of it in 8, I’d be surprised. Ready for an adventure Jaymie?”

The young intern swallowed hard, “Y-y-yes sir.”

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