Dream Job

Meetings at my corporate gig are usually started with an icebreaker question. The idea is to get people to open up as a precursor to sharing ideas thereby, hopefully producing a more productive meeting.

A meeting today attended by telepresence included representatives of several departments scattered around the country.

The icebreaker question was, “If you could do anything, what would your dream job be?”

For those gathered in various conference rooms huddled around pod-like speaker phones, eye rolls make the room echo like a yahtzee cup. As different joke jobs creep statically out of the speaker, MMA commentators to Personal assistant to various celebrities, one brave soul in our room reaches out to unmute the line and add in their dream of being a professional video game tester. No, it wasn’t me, but as he mutes the phone again to many thumbs up and comments of way to take one for the team, I had to consider what would my dream job be?

And as the day has worn on I realized I am at a dream job. I make enough to meet my needs, along with a little extra, and I am beginning to sell my writing. The only way it could be better would be if I had more time to write. Hoping the future holds a way to change that apect.


Thank you for reading,



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