Getting started…

So often it happens, sit down, the idea or topic to write about is there, then you face the blank page. In an instant the cascade of words ready to launch from the well springs of your deepest imagination, abruptly reflects the page in front of you.

That is my current predicament. I had an idea, and really, it was a good one. By the time I had the page loaded, all such thoughts had fled as roaches when you turn on the lights. I could have taken the time honored tradition of writers by procrastinating.

Procrastination may be a topic for another day, but it is not this day. No, while I have multiple reasons for starting this blog, procrastination is not one of them.

Ah, the alert reader noticed something there, good job. In the introduction for this blog, I spoke about things you might expect to see. These are some of my thoughts.

Some of my goals for this blog, in no particular order, are:

  • Share my work
  • Find some fans along the way
  • Develop a relationship with potential readers
  • Develop a habit in myself of writing daily

And yes, I have twenty minutes remaining because I did procrastinate tonight. This is what happens when a writer does and has a deadline. It is not good word, certainly not my best, but it work. It appears another goal may be in order. Scheduling to avoid procrastination? Sounds like a good one.

So tonight, I am at least meeting one of goals. I am writing today and if I do so in the next Twenty-three minutes will have it posted and meet that goal.

One more thing, that topic about procrastination by writers, I’ll get right on it.

Thank you for reading and coming along for the ride.




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